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Yes, of course, you should! There, we have just saved you the time and trouble of reading the rest of the site ;-)
Now, seriously: You'll love being an IAM4FREEDOM Hero and we love you for it! We all love our freedom - this is why you should put freedom first! Because freedom is important! Because you are important! Because this is you, at your very best! Because the world is waiting for you, the world is waiting 4FREEDOM!
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Let's be blunt. Who doesn't want freedom? Of course, out of freedom and free will, we will want you to decide, dedicate, commit and contribute to the common cause and we shall not tell you what to do... but, if you don't do this, who will...? As Edmund Burke is attributed as saying: 'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing....' So, do the right thing and be the hero you always wanted to be!
You make this possible.Your input, action, network, talent, core business, creativity, crowdfunding, content, concept, communication, presence, noise, knowledge, energy, product, and overall share and contribution to the people-powered platform IAM4FREEDOM, in time and in reality, is ruling and realistic. Altogether, with other IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, you multiply and amplify ALL4FREEDOM, thus facilitating FREEDOM4ALL.
So, start now and no matter how others might be different, make that daily difference, live and let live, locally, by living like a true IAM4FREEDOM Hero. Be nice to your annoying neighbour and be a 'Buddhist' towards your demanding manager, have compassion towards complaining clients or colleagues, some sympathy for that somewhat slow shopkeeper, be friendly to friends, family, foes and above all, to all! Be that very best version of yourself, every second, after second, feel free and flourish. Hold your IAM4FREEDOM Hero head high and do it, ALL4FREEDOM!


ALL4FREEDOM connects, encourages, and mobilizes all those involved in order to achieve the future FREEDOM4ALL. Yet, it's only you (as a IAM4FREEDOM Hero) that moves the movement and can colour and catalyse the cause!
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Evidently, freedom is very important, as we all want to be happy and free. Yet, in our daily lives, little time and effort goes out to freedom. Often and obviously, we tend to leave freedom's fate to others, (human rights) organisations and governments, etc. as we thought furthering freedom was out of our hands. Well, luckily, since the launch of ALL4FREEDOM, times have changed for the better and 4FREEDOM! As the name already suggests and as human rights are the rights of all human people, now, we can all stand 4FREEDOM, including you! People of this planet, we can do this!
With all due respect to all dedicated parties, human rights organizations, the United Nations, national- and foreign politics, etc. and their efforts and actions, not everyone enjoys the same civil basic rights (yet). Not in the aspect of freedom, their personal freedom experience, human rights or the right to be yourself. Not all countries have successfully signed the universal declaration of human rights or did sign but simply do not comply. The fact that not everyone enjoys similar rights is often due to the lack of the FREE PEOPLE REPRESENTATIVES' decisiveness. Together with you and all the IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, ALL4FREEDOM takes the initiative and acts accordingly. In the long run and in order to reach out for FREEDOM4ALL, ALL4FREEDOM necessarily needs to unite, motivate and mobilize all the aforementioned parties with the NON-FREE PEOPLE REPRESENTATIVES. In the short term, socially, we are already ready to act and react with respect in our relations with whoever we encounter whilst keeping our composure, conduct, (CODE4FREEDOM and MEDITATE4FREEDOM), example figure role and future FREEDOM4ALL in mind. In short, we are focused on public empowerment and we aren’t just waiting for change to come from the top.

To safeguard freedom worldwide (both top-down/vertical national government-like and long-term, as well as, locally, short-term, horizontally, among the plenitude of people of this pacing the planet) is one of the crucial components for the future of freedom and mankind. The more reason for you, yes, you to get involved now by joining the bottom-up IAM4FREEDOM project. A must-join movement, you don't want to miss.


The outcome of the mission totally depends on the cooperation and contribution of all those involved including you, yet, in return, ALL4FREEDOM has some free stuff to offer. For ALL4FREEDOM's initiators, it was a trip to the Himalayas that made them decide to take altruistic action for ALL4FREEDOM and FREEDOM4ALL. For others and you, we asked our IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, who came up with these 21 rough reasons, yes the list is long ;-) as to why they joined:



Always wanted to be a Hero, since you were a kid? Now is your chance to help save and free the world. And do you remember how, even after an action movie was finished, you (still) related to (the energy of) that Hero? Relive those tremendous times and fine feelings all over again, and be on top of the world by becoming an IAM4FREEDOM Hero. Follow the footsteps of former freedom fighters. Do good, feel good and feel free!

Feel Free

As an IAM4FREEDOM Hero, you set out, working on your inner freedom, taking the time and effort to further free yourself and help freeing others along the way. Bit by bit freedom increases and so does the trail of IAM4FREEDOM Heroes motivated by you to join the ride. IAM4FREEDOM meets the natural need of freedom to spread, sow seeds and benefit all towards the fields of FREEDOM4ALL. Start now!
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You can no longer stand aside just observing injustice. Equal rights and justice are what make you tick and feel free. Now is the time to take action and start doing something about freedom-related unfairness. This ALL4FREEDOM power-to-the-people platform provide you the opportunity to become the judge and jury.

Individual Influence

Via social media and -sharing, you solve a social problem and shape the future of freedom. Your individual influence and the number of (potential) IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, who, via viral videos and promotional posters, post and share, in their turn, (personal) content on their social sites/networks, thanks to you, grows, globally, every day.


As throughout history, millions of people, have given their lives 4FREEDOM, we now appeal to you to live and join the first global movement that puts freedom first. As no other, you want nothing more than to be free. Realize that the future should be filled with freedom. Decide to defend, and work on your freedom and that of others, and doing so highlighting an important topic to you. Our ideology is universal and stands close to what you want. Besides transparency, a personal connection with freedom is your most common used argument to support the cause, 4FREEDOM, ALL4FREEDOM AND FREEDOM4ALL!

Not Self-evident

You know that freedom is vital, yet not self-evident. Only through continuous and collective contribution, can we defend, spread and develop freedom. For the first time in history, you can help create a world where we all are free.

Mutual Ideals

You want to be free, as your freedom is important to you; many others and us, also believe in freedom and want this to happen! As an IAM4FREEDOM Hero, you are involved in the mutual mission and help to bring the ideals even closer. You’ll notice that with your contribution you hugely influence the realization of our wishes and objectives that you value most.

Respect and Sympathy

As an IAM4FREEDOM Hero, and by sharing the freedom message and (personal) content, you stand in the spotlights, positively, and receive sympathy among your (social media) relations; great for your image, online reputation and network. Your participation is looked upon with respect and others shall follow you.

Social Involvement

As an IAM4FREEDOM Hero, you are socially involved and very valuable, initially at local level and later-on at global level. You raise and improve importance issues as freedom. First, you free yourself and while you’re at it, others find freedom because of you as you involve them to join, to improve and free themselves.

It's Free

Improving your life and that of others has never been so simple. An IAM4FREEDOM Hero account is free, voluntary, easy, border-less, non-binding and by choice anonymous. IAM4FREEDOM meets the need to be free and contribute to FREEDOM4ALL. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Power to protest

As an IAM4FREEDOM Hero you can stand-up 4FREEDOM, for who you are, who you want to be and for those who cannot. As in many countries there is no access to unlimited internet, which is why they cannot defend themselves, it is important that, for example, in The Netherlands and Europe (where one can protest/demonstrate (online/offline)), you too respond to this request for help and 4FREEDOM. Please pin your colours to the mast and do what must be done. So, why join? Just, because you (still) can!


IAM4FREEDOM Hero, it is you who decides to what degree you activate your contribution and which different 4FREEDOM projects you join. Feel ALL4FREEDOM’s freedom and voluntary nature. Feel free!


In total freedom and full independence, you can contribute as an IAM4FREEDOM Hero by joining and empowering different 4FREEDOM projects and campaigns. You are fully free and need no one to start spreading freedom. So, it is you, and not a facilitating organization, who makes the freedom movement move and its overwhelming output possible.


Take on the challenge, dare to choose life, freedom and get the best out of you. Be the example, you wish to be. Trigger your friends to compete against your campaigns and Challenge them to beat you with a higher position on the highscore list of successful IAM4FREEDOM Heroes.


Fuel the team spirit and togetherness among your friends by meeting each other online as well as in person, and give presence at actions, where, as one, you stand 4FREEDOM and spread the universal message. As an IAM4FREEDOM Hero, you activate your freedom and friends' network on this important issue and shared ideal.


As an IAM4FREEDOM Hero, your input is direct output and results in brand-awareness, free publicity, media attention, traffic to the site, growing number of other IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, sponsors, partners and personal online content. It is you who ensures freedom and changes your/the world, for yourself and others, immediately and in the long run, locally but also globally.

Global Change

Besides the fact that IAM4FREEDOM involves you with your freedom and freedom in your own area, together with other IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, you now have the chance to fuel a positive freedom change on a global level. Due to endless possibilities of the multilingual action site, the reach is worldwide, with the exception of the locations where imposed limits deny access and block all ALL4FREEDOM (sub)sites.

Internet Era

You live in a time of growing internet coverage and smartphone popularity. You are connected to everyone. This is why your influence via ALL4FREEDOM is international, accessible and huge. Today, there are more possibilities to unite individuals 4FREEDOM than during the whole history of mankind. Time to move the movement!


As an IAM4FREEDOM Hero you are actively involved with the different decisions of the crowd-sourced and -created ALL4FREEDOM projects and policy. Priorities and project activities are planned on the basis of the answers you provide in various polls. Democratically, you decide what the future of freedom will look like.


More and more governments copy the hard-hand model of the dictatorial regime of economically successful superpower China. This is a direct threat to 4FREEDOM in those countries, neighbouring countries and the rest of the world. Dictators are trending and freedom makes way for total control. Only you/we can make such change 4FREEDOM. Unfortunately, now, more than ever, it is time for ALL4FREEDOM.


Are you also fed up with the World, where world leaders fully violate human rights everywhere and some people do not let others be (free)? Do you no longer feel free in your neighbourhood, at your work or when you go out? Then, IAM4FREEDOM is just the thing for you! Be yourself and therefore, step into a world where we really value freedom and respect each other for who they are.

Donation Fatigue

Are you donation fatigue? Fed up with corruption, commercialization, big fat CEO salaries, expensive office buildings, hard marketing, bad investments and other NGO scandals? Then, ALL4FREEDOM is just the thing for you, as we focus on freedom, on you, the human being, transparency and not on money. And we do NOT ask for donations and we have the business community cover and sponsor all costs.


Within the organization and way beyond, you can feel a vibe filled with enthusiasm. You can now be a part of this! For years, ALL4FREEDOM consciously works with a highly motivated team of driven volunteers and interns. With your time, knowledge and skills, you are responsible for the implementation and success of the 4FREEDOM projects and activities. Without the engaged volunteers, ALL4FREEDOM would not exist. Safeguard the mission and also join the team that shares your ideals!


Know that ALL4FREEDOM builds upon the proven concepts, branding, high rating and success rate from the former Project Aware period, which has been operational since 2004. Right from the start, we run ALL4FREEDOM with a very skilled, engaged and driven team, including the two initiators. We have substantial experience in running such an organization, managing and motivating volunteers, contracting sponsors and deliver output in optimizing and achieving the objectives. If you are still in doubt, this may help you to have confidence in its success.


If you lay back behind your computer, tablet or smartphone and do nothing, you will never be able to say that you tried. Now, the option to become an IAM4FREEDOM Hero has crossed your path. You know that you (still) have this choice, where others have no access. So, be active as an IAM4FREEDOM Hero and prove you can make a change!

We Need You

ALL4FREEDOM is of all and for all and will only work when we all do our part in making it grow. Without your participation, it will not exist; the movement would have barely taken roots and the common objective cannot be achieved. Throughout history, too many people have already sacrificed their lives for freedom, although we all want to be free. Freedom is vital for everyone to flourish, flow and grow. We need freedom and you, now!

Mail Your Motivation

Do you have your own reasons why you wish to join and become an IAM4FREEDOM Hero and which have not been displayed here? Please, mail us your motivation to help us keep our IAM4FREEDOM Hero incentives inspirational and up-to-date. As others have done before you, your motives might motivate many, who are still hesitating. Thanks!
Have your own reason to join that is not displayed here? Please mail us your motivation.



IAM4FREEDOM is a network of, and for, active IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, who value freedom and wish to be play an important role in changing and improving freedom in the near future. They, and not the facilitating organisation behind it, are the ones who move the movement and realise the results. Any actions you might take 4FREEDOM are not choices against anything, but, all 4FREEDOM! How on earth can you not want to flourish in freedom or, somehow, still be so against one's natural desire to be free? Nonetheless, and with great difficulty, our IAM4FREEDOM Heroes have managed to sum up a '11 reasons why' you should not come join them and become that IAM4FREEDOM Hero:

No Freedom

Is freedom very important but do you live in a country where human rights are not respected, where you have no access to an open internet and where you don’t have the power to protest peacefully. The don't become an over active IAM4FREEDOM Hero as we do not want to put you in any danger or trigger more human rights' violations, which clearly contradicts with our mission. MEDITATE4FREEDOM, be careful and stay under the radar/keep your head low.

No Initiative

Not too eager to start shaking some tree, so you can pick up and feed on all the fallen freedom fruit? Well, if you aren't going to take the lead, who will? Of course, our people-powered platform needs action but like you, ALL4FREEDOM's two initiators, never saw this coming nor had did they think they would be capable of creating such a cause. Philosopher, Edmund burke once said it nicely, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing...”. So, stop sleeping and being silly. Get up from your rocking chair, get ready to rock the world and become that very awesome IAM4FREEDOM Hero, that somewhere deep down, you always wished you'd be!

No faith

Tired of life and the world? Don't believe in anyone or any revolutionary change anymore? Then, we are not going to paint it pink nor prey that all that will go away. From the freedom perspective, things don't look too lovely either. Yet, for the first time in history, we have the tools and chance to free ourselves from mental and physical slavery. So, if you don't fancy the entire planet being oppressed under some dictatorial and totalitarian control and rule, and have them shut down the internet, make sure, you get your ass on board before it is too late!
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No Desire

'No desire, then make desire' our mothers used to say. Well, we are not your mother and you are no child. You make your own choices now and do that what you want to do. But that doesn't mean that you might not need a little help every now and then. Missing the craze to contribute to the cause? No worries, passionately, we fulfill our purpose 4FREEDOM and love to inspire you to sign-up, as, even as one of the most idle IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, you help to a huge degree. From there on, you decide if, and when, we take you by the hand to plan any further future freedom activity on your behalf. So, jump on board now and see for yourself, how dedication, desire drive and everything else will come!

No Time

You want to help but are not willing to sacrifice more than 5 minutes of your time to contribute to the cause? Then there is, probably, no need to join this people-powered platform simply to sit and wait or watch while others move the movement. But did you know that by takes just a few minutes to sign-up as idle an IAM4FREEDOM Hero, you already help to a huge degree. From there on, you decide if, and when, you plan any further future freedom activity on your behalf. So, jump on board now and schedule the rest for later!

Donate Money

If you do not want to get yourself actively involved in projects and activities and just want to donate the traditional way, considering this your contribution, then becoming an IAM4FREEDOM Hero might not be the thing you had in mind and in addition, we don't accept traditional donations. However, just before you go, you might want to check/sponsor via our project CROWDFUND4FREEDOM, SHOP4FREEDOM and/or get DANCE4FREEDOM tickets on your way out...

Mail Your Motivation

Have your own reasons why you wouldn't want to, or are hesitant to, join and become an IAM4FREEDOM Hero, which are not displayed here? Please mail us your motivation or perhaps, better said, de-motivation to help us stay sharp, innovative and inspiring to each and every one of you people out there; all with their very own, uniqueness, opinions, motives, and of course, right to be yourself!

No Balls

When you just don't have it in you and are afraid to even do the smallest heroic deed, as in help others without expecting something in return, then, you are not yet ready to join this magical movement that changes the lives, including yours, overnight. On the other hand, perhaps, you are on the fringe of transformation and this might be the change you've been waiting for. Forget your fear, feel the freedom and follow your heart! Be brave and be an awesome IAM4FREEDOM Hero fearlessly fighting for yourself, for others and 4FREEDOM!

No Interest

You think only in your own life and even then and there, you feel little need for improvement. Your involvement often ends at your our own front door or food on your Facebook profile. What happens to the world and, for example, freedom, you just couldn't care less. Actively getting involved, now, probably, sounds like the last thing you will do and yet, you are here... Something or someone send you to check this site with the sole reason to become the most awesome IAM4FREEDOM Hero. Have we got your attention now?

Don't Value Freedom

You wouldn't mind helping out but you've never given freedom much thought and freedom isn't your thing or in your top ten values. Then becoming an IAM4FREEDOM Hero would not be laid out for you as, fort starters, you should be genuine in thought, speech and action. But how about this: start again, close your eyes, feel you freedom and what it means for you, then rethink your values and become the most awesome IAM4FREEDOM Hero we have ever seen. Be true to yourself, be yourself and be free in order to contribute with integrity!

No Need

Think you are living the life you wish to life, feeling free and being who you want to be? The world is great and you are on top of the world? Then, why worry or bother put any effort into something, which is working well for you like freedom? Well, maybe, just because you might so happen to live in i.e. Amsterdam, work as a freelancer, do exactly what, and when, you want or have freed your body, mind and your soul and as far as your pretty pink life is concerned, there isn't a cloud in the air..., we still think that you should care. About everyone else on this planet, who all still feel that freedom has room for improvement. Besides your fine freedom feel might not last forever. Become that awesome IAM4FREEDOM Hero just because of the life you life!
Cannot identify with any reasons not to join? Well, then you might just as well scroll on and CLICK4FREEDOM.
ALL4FREEDOM is the prominent and promising people-powered platform, freedom-first community and the world’s leading, independent and international movement, moving, empowering and uniting unique, freedom-valuing, individuals, companies, clubs, media, projects, partnering organizations, world leaders and all, who, within their talent and time, connect, commit, campaign and contribute, actively, by demonstrating their dedication and devotion to defending and further-forwarding freedom, honouring human rights and respecting the right to be yourself and to be free, ALL 4FREEDOM!

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