With the launch of ALL4FREEDOM, we have taken the first step towards a freedom-filled future. Over the next weeks or so, this is the place where we will keep you posted with all noteworthy blogs, news and updates, as well as all future plans and projects.
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We use our sociamedia channels to post all updates, for those who do not have Facebook or Instagram accounts, our newsfeeds are always visible below:
Today's artwork is another wonderful piece from @nexus__45 Thanks for sharing this with us. Title: UNZIP YOUR MIND ✌️❤️🙏 . If you unzip my mind, can you love every word unbuttoned in between - Rachel Wolchin . #iam4freedom #art4freedom #all4freedom #freedom #freedom4all #therighttobeyourself #beyourself #artwork #photo4freedom #artistsoninstagram #paintersofinstagram #digitalart #edits

Today's artwork is from Julia Lewis-Thomas, she sent this 2 our Facebook Page. This is mesmerising! 🙏🙏💋❤️ . Title: The Undo Project  Meaning: " My ART4FREEDOM is created as the cover of a short comic book, which addresses issues such as lack of freedom, genetic experimentation, mindless consumerism and abuse/neglect. The character is imprisoned within a world that he has seemingly no control over. He wakes up to what is happening around him, yet feels unable to change anything. He wants to escape and have the freedom to control his own life. The character is actually a metaphor for an imprisoned foetus. His fate is decided by the pregnant women, whose womb has trapped him inside. He is left to the mercy of her choices (alcoholism, genetic modification, drugs, etc.). Therefore, he appears to be drowning underwater, suspended in the fluid inside the womb. He is also tied down by the chains of his own veins, caging and connecting him to the mother's lifestyle (unwillingly). IAM4FREEDOM!" . . URL: Facebook : . #iam4freedom #art4freedom #all4freedom #freedom #freedom4all #therighttobeyourself #beyourself #artwork #photo4freedom #artistsoninstagram #paintersofinstagram #digitalart

Today's beautiful artwork is thanks 2 @raqee_najm Title: Caging a cage Meaning: " The idea of my ART4FREEDOM came from an old poem, "The nightingale does not breed in a cage", but I replaced the nightingale with flying birds because it is more general. The cage symbolizes the lack of freedom. So, for the birds to enjoy freedom, the cage is placed inside a cage of the same type. The work is open for interpretation and raises many questions such as: Are the birds considering the depth of entrapment? The cage of our everyday lives inside the cage of the wider world. Are they trying to work out how to live their everyday lives without being caught in events and circumstances beyond their control?  A man is born free for five minutes as it is said, so how does he/ she know freedom again? I hope that this work, in addition to ART4FREEDOM, will contribute to the awareness of the lost freedom. IAM4FREEDOM! " Thanks so much for sharing this with us and your words ❤️✌️🙏 . #iam4freedom #art4freedom #all4freedom #freedom #freedom4all #therighttobeyourself #beyourself #artwork #photo4freedom #artistsoninstagram #paintersofinstagram #digitalart

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