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This site's main goal is to bring out the best in you and, in order to do that, you need to be free. So, we are here to inform and encourage you to play your part in the ALL4FREEDOM plan. In your life or childhood, did you ever feel that you did not quite fit in, that you were disrespected or laughed at or that you didn't peak your performance, as you wanted to? Have you always wanted to be free and improve yourself and/or the world? Well, you are not the only one!

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It seems we all recognize ourselves in the above and we all want to feel free, important, at ease and useful. That is exactly why we started ALL4FREEDOM, so that all of you can contribute and fully flourish within a further-expanding freedom. IAM4FREEDOM now offers you the opportunity to free yourself, embody the ALL4FREEDOM philosophy, be socially responsible and stand in solidarity with the NON FREE PEOPLE, by sending out your personal signal, which, when multiplied, results in a powerful and collective movement.
We believe in you, in the marvellous movement and the change we want to see: such a world where we are all free. You might already know that this starts with yourself and every single one of us. Start the change you want to see in the world today! Here is your chance and it is free!
IAM4FREEDOM is of and for everyone who values freedom and the right to be yourself and who is prepared and ready to do something about it? Depending on where you live, how much time you have, what you love and can/want to offer, you can help make the mission a success, in several ways. We hope to have catered to your contribution options and, if not, be sure to let us know. Start by signing up as a IAM4FREEDOM Hero, and then, among other things, work on your inner freedom, commit to the code and the recruiting of new heroes via your (social media) network, join other 4FREEDOM projects, influence future freedom policy and projects, organize activities and actions, help handover partners, post personally created content and/or work as an avid volunteer for ALL4FREEDOM.
Join the over 55.000 supporters, who already paved the way preceded you during the previous Project Aware period; what are you waiting for...

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What will you do 4FREEDOM?

You are just a few minutes away from moving the mission forward - Yet in order to just that, you will need to show that you are indeed ALL4FREEDOM first by creating an IAM4FREEDOM Hero account, from which you can activate any of your heroic deeds and seriously start shaking society!
'Nuff said. Let me in on this!
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Come Aboard

Once logged in, you click to continue to the compulsory content; feel free to fill in the few ‘mandatory’ fields knowing why they are there and that they serve the common cause. Then, forward through the various optional options and fields and even better and much more important, this is when the excitement and your involvement starts, as you are personally committed and you continue to campaign, crowdfund, connect, come, career, crowdsource, create content and complete the co-created mission and movement in motion. So, get at it, have a go at all the good work and continue now!
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IAM4FREEDOM is an interactive people’s movement merely powered by the enthusiasm of engaged and involved individuals such as you. Please pay it forward and take the time to (socially) share! Show that you are 4FREEDOM, and that freedom is important for you, by motivating your network to join now. Our marketing, communication and campaigns 2.0 run completely on peer-to-peer promotion and it is you, and not the ALL4FREEDOM facilitating organization behind the screens, who makes the movement result in what it is today and tomorrow. Campaign now!
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As an IAM4FREEDOM Hero, or freelancer, you think forward and out of the box, you feel free and value your freedom in the broadest sense of the word. You might even work as a freelancer or own your own company. Company owners can now sponsor directly. Connect your IAM4FREEDOM Hero account to your company and CROWDFUND4FREEDOM. Excited as an employee? Combine and compete with your colleagues, internally, initiate the cause at your company and dare to challenge your decision-making manager to crowdfund now!

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Come together, join up and support any of our offline flashmob/events to show a strong signal 4FREEDOM and of course also for the fun. It’s like attending some special, super demonstration where, together with the other IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, you realize that you are not on your own and the freedom for all who are not yet on board. So, free yourself and feel free at a DANCE4FREEDOM event, an ART4FREEDOM expo, a MEDITATE4FREEDOM Session, a TOP4FREEDOM debate or join a PHOTO4FREEDOM team near you. Come and join us now!
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Con-Zen-Trate and meditate. Zoom, Zen and tune-in during MEDITATE4FREEDOM Sessions. Free yourself from mental slavery and work on your inner freedom. First one has to free oneself/one's mind before being able to free the world. Con-Zen-Trate now!
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So, let's say you have stumbled upon this site and completed all of the above, what would then be your next step/action? Well you tell us. ALL4FREEDOM’s strategy and course is, of course, completely crowd-sourced and people-powered by people like you. Cook-up and co-create a new, clever and crazy concept now!
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ALL4FREEDOM’s strategy and course is completely crowd-sourced by you. Your answers to different polls become our plans, priorities, projects and people-powered ALL4FREEDOM activity. Become involved and indicate what is important. Among other things, you can co-create and decide the DANCE4FREEDOM DJ’s, set the 4FREEDOM project priorities or ask the political parties questions on their claims/contribution. What should we do 4FREEDOM? You tell us and crowdsource now!
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As a pro-active IAM4FREEDOM Hero, you are busy campaigning and connecting potential contributors to the cause. At ALL4FREEDOM all people play different parts. Paint a painting, promote as a partner, pressure a political party program, meditate in mindfulness, sing a song or serve as a sponsor. Connect as your company contact and perhaps, you participate through product, service or expertise, cooperate with your company’s core business or CROWDFUND4FREEDOM contribute to the cause. Connect now!
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Use your smartphone and/or other recording devices, to capture, film and photograph the physical flashmob 4FREEDOM events/actions and all your own initiatives in order to upload and share them with the (hash)tag ‘#IAM4FREEDOM’ to promote a next event and common cause. Just for fun, 4FREEDOM and simply because, in your country, you can! Capture now!
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Of course, everybody should now know about ALL4FREEDOM. However, not everybody is reached or motivated through our minimal marketing and media or by the 4FREEDOM projects. It is your enthusiasm that will seriously excite your environment and your credible communication that convinces colleagues, partners, close friends, family or neighbours. Only you, as an active, involved and inspiring IAM4FREEDOM Hero, will be able to seriously spread the word, share on social networks various viral freedom video’s, post promotional posters or peer-to-peer people-power-, and crowd-communicate, our campaign! Communicate now!
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Via our on-site scores, everyone sees the revolutionary results of the most successful competing campaigners. Will you and your team take on the challenge to make it to that Top100 IAM4FREEDOM Hero list? An overview of the most triumphant teams, who have heroically recruited X% of their network are placed on a prominent positions in this hall of fame 4FREEDOM. Start you quest and compete now!
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Combine forces - as together is much more fun and effective than alone. Team-up together with up to five of your fine freedom-valuing friends, who might motivate you when your enthusiasm runs dry, with whom you can have a good time but upon whom you can also count to campaign collectively alongside as your true teammates. Share the fun and spend some quality time together whilst taking joint action and motivating each other to keep up the good work and keep that kindred-spirited spirit alive. Determine when and how much time you shall spend 4FREEDOM per week and how many new IAM4FREEDOM Heroes your combined campaign will have reached by which deadline? Combine now!
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You have hit upon ALL4FREEDOM’s marvellous mission. From your values and fervour, fast and firstly, show how you are 4FREEDOM and that freedom is important enough to take action by choosing this small and simple step. Free yourself and others and as a signal of support, sign-up as an IAM4FREEDOM Hero and contribute in a creative way!
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Are you flexible, skilled, take initiative and work independently? Do you have the determination, drive and whatever it takes to find time for volunteering and weekly, wedge away at least 4 hours 4FREEDOM? Then join our team by offering your talent and time. Make that difference! For you freedom comes first at this fast-growing human rights organization. Boost your career now!
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Your personal story pinpoints your personality to your profile, possibly visible for/to various freedom-valuing front-end visitors who view who you truly are, what freedom means for you and why you are so 4FREEDOM. Inspire potential IAM4FREEDOM Heroes with your creative content in copy or full-colour images/art that best frames-up your very freedom feelings. Create now!
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Place personal posts on your (social media) network profiles or mail your freedom-valuing friends whenever they have birthdays, babies, breakups, weddings, anniversaries and need apologies, congratulations, encouragement, get-well wishes, reminders, inspiration, thanking or your friendship, 4FREEDOM. Create cause–correlated campaigner e-cards from our collection. Make a difference, make the world a better place, and go ahead, make someone’s day. Send a card, now!
Feel free to contact us if the options above are not to your liking or you have any other ideas for how you can contribute to the common cause.

Sounds great?

Then you certainly seem ready to start your journey 4FREEDOM! Just click the button below.
ALL4FREEDOM is the prominent and promising people-powered platform, freedom-first community and the world’s leading, independent and international movement, moving, empowering and uniting unique, freedom-valuing, individuals, companies, clubs, media, projects, partnering organizations, world leaders and all, who, within their talent and time, connect, commit, campaign and contribute, actively, by demonstrating their dedication and devotion to defending and further-forwarding freedom, honouring human rights and respecting the right to be yourself and to be free, ALL 4FREEDOM!
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