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Everyone is free to his or her vision of what freedom means! Your freedom stories are the driving force behind ALL4FREEDOM's user-generated-content or should we say IAM4FREEDOM Hero-generated-content. There is an hero behind every story and a story behind every hero. Together they form the community's collection of freedom-related dreams, visions and anecdotes. Here are our heroes opening up about what freedom means for them. Feel free to find your friends by using the search functionality and click on any of the images to go straight to their profile and read all full freedom stories. Enjoy the our IAM4FREEDOM Hero's hall of fame and freedom!
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Kaoter El Bouhmi
If you are reading this it means you live in a country where freedom is given for granted. Sometimes we forget that freedom is a precious right, be thankful and never forget it! IAM4FREEDOM!
Kaoter El Bouhmi
Joska Meijska
Freedom is not having to live according to the standard..
That it’s ok to step outside the lines. Or stay within if I want to.
Freedom is dressing up sexy when I feel like it. Without disapproving or dirty looks from others.
Freedom for me is the right to choose what I do, where, when and with whom and that others have that exact same right.
Freedom is being respected. And giving back even if it’s not necessarily my savoir vivre.
Freedom is living in a society free of religious dogma’s and imposed religious laws.
Freedom is stepping under a waterfall when you see one.
Joska Meijska
Nathalie Mannaerts
If people would stop comparing themselves to others, they would become more free and tolerant, wishing the same to others. As long as people that are free thinkers are not tolerated by others, we will need to defend freedom.

I tend to behave in line with my feelings and thoughts, regardless to the behavioural codes of others. This means freedom to me. Artists have these codes too. Codes may make me feel uncomfortable and therefore unfree but at the same time I am happy to be an autonomous outsider, if this occurs. I won't adapt and loose my freedom.
My close friends are Epicurists. In their company I feel free because they are also. I am a painter but they are artists too. They are life artists ?? IAM4FREEDOM!
Nathalie Mannaerts
Marjolein Castelijn
Freedom is making my own choices, that I can do work that fits me and what my passion is, and that I can figure my own time out. That way I can take time for my clients who need help. I don’t have to send them away because our time is over. I think they deserve my time so they feel well again. It gives my energy to see them grow. I feel free because I have my own business nobody tells me what to do. Freedom is also the holiday with my family at the camping in Italy. Not looking at the clock, no tv, barely any Wi-Fi and eat when your body tells you you are hungry. Back to basic. IAM4FREEDOM!
Marjolein Castelijn
Margaretha van den Breemer
Finally, I am free! Free from feeling bad and naughty. Free from the feeling of not being good enough, important and always being the one to blame. For over 60 years, I have carried this burden, yes 60 years! And now it is over. I am free! Free from the opinions of others. I can be who I want to be, the one who doesn't fit the frame, who is left-handed, intuitive, spiritual, smart, handy, beautiful, nice and pleasant. Lovely! IAM4FREEDOM!
Margaretha van den Breemer
Jeroen van den Broek
Freedom for me.. is to following the heart..
Freedom then would be something like choice..
Freedom of choice.. and being able to bear all the consequences.
Freedom is something like 'to travel or not to travel'..
That’s the question..Which path.. Choose the one less travelled! Always! Were there are no roads to be found yet.. you are first..
Freedom is catching moments by surprise!
Freedom for me is like meeting a friend at a bar, unexpected in a place you both normally do not visit.. and after a few beer deciding to travel India together.. for months.. Goa before the hit, swimming with dolphins and join BBC during a two week jungle tour..
Freedom = Health = Wealth = Travelling alone
We are not aware when healthy, wealthy, without pain..
That’s a good thing.. and it would brighten someone's day if you should realize.. That the only difference between a good or a bad day is someone being kind, without even understanding is nice...
Jeroen van den Broek
Reinier Sijpkens
Freedom……..the right to go where you want to go
To express what you want to express
Think and say what you want to think and say
Play and share music in a dancing boat for more than 25 years everywhere in the Netherlands and Amsterdam both famous for freedom
Realize you are able to celebrate freedom every day again: Thanks to the people that sacrificed their lives for our freedom
Safe journey…… to everybody enjoying freedom. IAM4FREEDOM!
Reinier Sijpkens
Anita Coljee
I am Anita Coljee and IAM4FREEDOM!
In full freedom being able to…
Express your opinion and respecting the opinion of others.
Make your own choices and mistakes and learn from them.
Love someone and express this.
Go wherever you want to go and discover the world.
Enjoy the company and love of family, friends and people around me.
Listen to your favourite music and feel free to dance on it.
Laugh, dance and jump for joy!

Just be yourself and have respect for each other! IAM4FREEDOM!
Anita Coljee
Nofje Laan
Freedom to me means being who you want to be. Not being told who or what you have to be.....Be mad, be sad. scream, yell, love, be loved and forever be (and love) yourself. IAM4FREEDOM!
Nofje Laan
David Samson
Freedom is to have the guts to trust myself on my path as a goldsmith, musician, husband, employee or father in my own way. To take the risk to be me is sometimes scary but satisfying and free when it is working. At this moment, my being free lesson is trust in my path as a goldsmith and trust what I do which is really different but I believe I will find the people who want to support my art. IAM4FREEDOM!
David Samson
Marlies de Kort
As a child, I already had a very deep longing for freedom. Just four years old, when I was send to school, I would run away from school every single day until I was forced to stay.
The strong longing for freedom has been shaping my life until today, as I live in my own build house on squatted ground, where I don't have to pay expensive rent, where I can make a bonfire in the garden and build some nice structure in the garden, if I feel like it. I work as a freelance yoga teacher and when I want to travel I can. Recently, I came across the term location independent. My next goal is to be able to do my work all over the world so I will truly become location independent!?? IAM4FREEDOM!
Marlies de Kort
Ehi Hope Ojeriakhi
Freedom is being you, being the best and worse you could possibly be.
Freedom is seeing the glass half full when circumstances says otherwise.
Freedom is being your own boss
Freedom is having the ability to live
Freedom is being able to fly without wings
Freedom is happiness, Love, peace.
Freedom is ME. IAM4FREEDOM!
Ehi Hope Ojeriakhi
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