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you're the one!

This site is not about us, but all about YOU and about what we do, but about what YOU do! YOU are the key to success and although we are called ALL4FREEDOM, we should perhaps add YOU4FREEDOM, which is why we focus on IAM4FREEDOM, where YOU are the one showing YOU are 4FREEDOM and and acting accordingly. So, it's all about freedom, but your freedom, your freedom experience, your future and your contribution to the whole.  Imagine having an ever-growing community behind YOU and your ideals! We believe in YOU, in such a world, where we are all free and YOU know what, it starts with yourself and every single one of us. Here is your chance and it is free. Start the change YOU want to see in the world today!

who am I?

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Do YOU recognise this:
YOU feel insecure, YOU can't and YOU never will,
YOU feel that YOU are never good enough,
YOU feel that YOU are not worth it,
YOU feel that YOU can excel but lack the force to fully release that potential,
YOU feel that YOU are being lived instead of living,
YOU feel that YOU are not doing what YOU want/should,
YOU feel that YOU are being who YOU want to be/should be,
YOU feel that YOU are not doing important things,
YOU feel that YOU adapt to what others expect of YOU,
YOU feel that YOU are not aware of the importance of freedom,
YOU feel that YOU are not free,
YOU feel and now know that YOU are not alone....?
And do YOU want to:
Feel proud?
Feel self-confident?
Feel powerful?
Feel connected?
Feel useful?
Feel energetic?
Feel free?
Then YOU are all ready to show yourself and the world how YOU are an IAM4FREEDOM Hero. Throughout history, luckily, thousands of heroic people, like YOU became aware of there freedom, felt they were not free, have fought 4FRTEEDOM and have excelled by putting all their time and energy into what for them is important, namely, freedom.
No more....Free yourself from frustration, fear, physical and mental complaints, negative emotions, etc. and then free others in the flow. By becoming an IAM4FREEDOM Hero YOU connect to the contributing community and can join all the freedom fun. Surround yourself with kindred-spirited souls and shape your superbly satisfying freedom-filled future, just like many others have done so before YOU, by choosing for yourself, by choosing freedom. Only when YOU are free can YOU free others Follow your heart, follow the IAM4FREEDOM steps to success, follow freedom and freedom will follow YOU.
ALL4FREEDOM is the prominent and promising people-powered platform, freedom-first community and the world’s leading, independent and international movement, moving, empowering and uniting unique, freedom-valuing, individuals, companies, clubs, media, projects, partnering organizations, world leaders and all, who, within their talent and time, connect, commit, campaign and contribute, actively, by demonstrating their dedication and devotion to defending and further-forwarding freedom, honouring human rights and respecting the right to be yourself and to be free, ALL 4FREEDOM!

Created4FREEDOM in Amsterdam
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Thanks for your visit and support!

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