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Our community is you! The driving force behind ALL4FREEDOM. All IAM4FREEDOM Heroes or our users joined together send out a strong signal of freedom and the right to be themselves. Each with their own actions and contribution to the common cause. Each with their own story. Uploaded PHOTO4FREEDOM, ART4FREEDOM image/video artworks,  Meet some of our heroes opening up about what freedom means for them.



Top5 involved IAM4FREEDOM Heroes

jeroen aalders
173 Points
Jane Doe
111 Points

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Among other things, the measurable motivation behind ALL4FREEDOM, is the IAM4FREEDOM Hero community and counters can indicate the involvement, the reach/range and the success of the ALL4FREEDOM projects and actions. As a core and key element, it is a conscious choice to communicate this community counter clearly, prominently and openly via all channels. Thus inspiring more (potential) IAM4FREEDOM Heroes. As the community is still in beta-phase, we will not display user statistics such as gender, location, referrer, etc. here just yet. So, thanks a thousand for your understanding and patience...

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On ALL4FREEDOM people connect across geographic and cultural borders to support what they care most about, freedom and the right to be yourself.

Keep in mind, that we are just getting started, do not have billions and hundreds of staff as do other tech giant platforms, you might be used to using and you might compare our user experience with. Also we do not have shameless business models that sell your data, force you into premium subscriptions, billionaire stakeholders with their own agendas or censorship that goes beyond everybody's imagination. But we are pure, and forever free! ;-)


For our user post, wall, comment, chat, forum future functionality, we will be publishing our Community Guidelines here soon...

ALL4FREEDOM is the prominent and promising people-powered platform, freedom-first community and the world’s leading, independent and international movement, moving, empowering and uniting unique, freedom-valuing, individuals, companies, clubs, media, projects, partnering organizations, world leaders and all, who, within their talent and time, connect, commit, campaign and contribute, actively, by demonstrating their dedication and devotion to defending and further-forwarding freedom, honouring human rights and respecting the right to be yourself and to be free, ALL 4FREEDOM!

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