Sie Douglas-Fish
A dedicated creator and proponent of artistic expression and its relationship with community, diversity, and love
Art is a powerful tool to express change, diversity, love, and awareness. It is part of the human experience, and every human deserves to walk freely and proudly.
looking at anyone in the world and seeing an equal. Seeing someone you are not afraid of, and seeing every person as your brother, your sister, your sibling. We are all deserving of freedom and it is a human right.
very free
very free
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My ART4FREEDOM's title and lyrics come from the song WAR by American-Canadian artist Grandson and Bob Marley. Inspired and done in response to the BLM movement and the protests being held in the USA, which caused a ripple effect around the world. This was an assigned art project where we had to make a piece including song lyrics, so I decided to go with a route that I am passionate about and reflect on the need for change and how society has and will respond to racism.
I don't agree with the violence on either side, but if what they want is war, they'll get war. It's clear to see how things boiled over so quickly: people are angry. It's been an insane, tense year, and all of this tension paired with an anger towards a prejudice decades in the making has led to buildings burned and people scarred in every sense of the word. With all of this, I hope we can remember to be kind to one another and remember the cause, and to not get caught up in the chaos.
Race, sexuality, gender, and the like are important pieces of us, but they do not dictate who we are or who we should be perceived as. True freedom, to me, is when we can look at any one of the 7+ billion people in the world in the eyes and see an equal, a brother, a sister, a sibling. May we all be free. IAM4FREEDOM!

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