Leonardo 369
Self taught artist, trying to help my community become better artists and to speak for them self
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it's my duty and my right to speak about what i want in any time i want, and do what i want " and fight the lies we hear all day 24/7 "
live without discrimination or censorship
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not so free
not so free
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Facing the LIES
My ART4FREEDOM is about how they took our freedom away and say: it's for the greater good! In times of terror and total control, the government tells you when to breathe and where you can walk and what you can say. It's so scary and thought provoking, to a level that makes you angry.
About facing the lies, facing the censorship, facing the draconian measures, to have the freedom to say whatever you want without being censored or told to shut up.
About blowing away the official narrative, changing the perception of each person, who dictates our behaviour.
About when they locked us all down and started enforcing laws that were impossible to accept for the human mind, telling us that this is 'the new normal'.
The angry girl tells a story of how lots of people are angry with governments treating them like sheep.
It's all about saying: No to Tyranny. IAM4FREEDOM!

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