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Pridecraft: Freedom to be
My ART4FREEDOM is was created with a hope to show that no matter how alone you feel, there are others out there who know how you feel. Drawn by a male transgender artist in a same-sex relationship with a bisexual male, these characters reflect who we are, in a world we share and love. I would love for everyone to feel free to be who they are, without having to hide behind an avatar and allow themselves to be represented by that avatar instead, therefore these characters are a perfect promotion for this ideal as they reflect who I and my partner are. IAM4FREEDOM!
Jayden Walker
I am Still Me!
My ART4FREEDOM is about how recognizing yourself, as still being you, is a sign of truly being free! Spreading your wings, learning to fly, escaping those who wish to hurt you. Be as free as a bird, or perhaps a bat, loving who you love and not letting others bring you harm. Never let someone trap you in a cage and force you to be someone you aren't. You are still you, no matter what. No matter how many people say you have sinned, or that you are broken. Listen to your heart, listen to yourself and be free. IAM4FREEDOM!
Leon Eclipse Denton
My ART4FREEDOM is about Fear...indeed a powerful emotion that encapsulates every living being... Everyone has one's fears...people say it's normal to have one..

But today, the one fear that reigns the entire womankind uni-formally and universally, irrespective of the age, colour, race, religion, caste, and rape phobia....the fear of rape.
...which she fears more than any other violent offence, surprisingly even more than murder..
...which leads her to shut herself up happily within the four walls, sighing with an all-knowing smile.. that the complete image of a perfect unfulfilled dream locked-up safe in her heart is better than an executed pile of broken's better cherished than exercised (or run through) ..or so she thinks...
Is it really normal? Is it really fine to live with that fear instead of feeling free?

Here, her eyes do not speak the saga freedom but of forthcoming terror.

The rest is better left unsaid....IAM4FREEDOM!
Hari krishnan
My ART4FREEDOM is about how important it is to love yourself and give yourself the best version of you. Rise & Shine, let your light shine bright. About releasing the believes that hold you back from truly feeling free and living a better live. Destroying your bad habits; where is that magicpill? That's Freedom if you ask me. IAM4FREEDOM!
Yvonne Kok
Freedom vs slavery
My ART4FREEDOM is inspired by the fake freedom that underdeveloped-world citizens live in.
It is about how now "the freedom" we dream of and talk about in books is only available in few, well-known, countries around the world and how the rest of the world is brutally drowning in suffering and slavery.
I send out two different messages:
• In the background: the freedom promise, where you can see how, beyond the clouds, the sky is beautiful, how peaceful that modern city look, how soothing its reflection on the water is, and of course, the presence of the famous Statue Of Liberty, although, even here, she and freedom seem to slowly fall/fail if we are not aware...
• Upfront, however, you can see some barbed wire preventing the very passage towards freedom, behind which you can find some injured pigeons trying to flee the shotguns aimed at them, desperately hoping to reach freedom and save their lives (which most pigeons fail at...) And this, so represents the "freedom" they get instead, the kind of freedom where you have to obey and do as you are told or else you die.
Hopefully, some day, the oppressed countries' citizens can get back their basic human rights and be able to be themselves, with no fear, no boundaries to limit their creativity and nothing at all to keep them from raising their voices to defend freedom and themselves. IAM4FREEDOM!
Melek Majdoub
Share your love
My ART4FREEDOM was a gift for my beloved girlfriend and means so much to me, because it's probably one of the most personal artworks I have ever painted. Homosexuality is not a big topic in many countries, but there is still a lot of injustice and intolerance. I also had a long struggle against my own homosexuality until I finally learned that love is indeed something wonderful - no matter who you love.
With this painting, I didn't only want to make a present for my girlfriend, I also wanted to give courage to all the people out there who are still afraid or unsure about their sexual orientation. My wish is that every person can live freely as who they truly are, also giving and receiving love. Love, like freeddom is one of the strongest of feelings and we all should share it and be proud of it. Living the love, not just in a romantic way, is one big step into the freedom that all people in this world deserve. IAM4FREEDOM!
Sarah Trebuth
My ART4FREEDOM, a low poly 3D caricature of Stalin, one of the worst enemies of freedom history has ever known, was made simply because I am free to make it. I don't take my freedom of expression for granted. There was a time, when one could go to prison for simply saying, or drawing something those on power would consider inappropriate or threatening. Sadly, there are still places in the world where drawing a certain person would be illegal, or could bring you great harm. I am grateful to live in time and place where my freedoms are less restricted, where I have the freedom to express myself. I hope rest of the world will also become free as freedom is the most important aspect of one's life. IAM4FREEDOM!
Tom Veg
Libratum Animo
In my ART4FREEDOM I've tried to express the freedom of mind and spirit. As artists, we always live in our imaginative world, which is the fuel of our soul, expressing that colorful universe coming from fantastically free figures and realms, thus creating an equilibrium between our raw reality and fine fantasy, from there the name of "Libratum Animo". No matter how oppressive a regime or a police state you live in, how abused or bullied you are, how much injustice has been done to you and/or how incarcerated or tortured they have left you, thanks to those spiritual, utopian and peaceful productions and forthcoming feelings of inner freedom, you can always find a way to be free. IAM4FREEDOM!
Miguel Firewolf
My ART4FREEDOM is a self portrait piece on increasing censorship of media in China and beyond and about the disintegration of past cultures and traditions into the modern world. I originally painted this as an experiment in digital illustration and in a sense, it also represents the change of artistic medium from traditional physical painting into something aided by technology. The pixelation of traditional Chinese decorative patterns (my culture) combined with the portrait depicts these transitions. The past, present and future become entangled together, which leads to a greater freedom between each world. Freedom of (artistic) expression might become something of the past if we do not stand up and protect it for the near future. IAM4FREEDOM!
Elaine Chen
My ART4FREEDOM is about the freedom to be who you are and not being ashamed of it. A lot of people, especially young ones, are afraid of searching or showing their identity because of the struggles that come with it, when in reality it is even more painful to keep your emotions inside than facing them. No matter who you love, you should love yourself despite everything and feel free. IAM4FREEDOM!
Zuzanna Pólkowska
A Healing Dance
My ART4FREEDOM was done for a 2017 Pride month art event, based on the orange of the LGBTQ+ flag, linked to 'Healing'. It's about freedom of love, unashamedly being yourself, and finding the little happy, soothing, healing moments in life, no matter how hurtful and tough it can be at times. I wanted to show a peaceful, loving scene between two LGBTQ+ characters, because even if they're hurt & go through hardships, they get back up and can still laugh, love, dance, and share tender moments, forgetting about harsher times for a while. I'm a bisexual artist and for me, positive LGBTQ+ representation is so important, as it can show that you can be happy even through hardships, support one another, free to be yourself, and that love is beautiful. Being LGBTQ+ can be a struggle, and I hope that more LGBTQ+ representation in the ART4FREEDOM Gallery will help make LGBTQ+ people feel more free to exist unashamedly, feel less alone and more supported, and spread love and acceptance. IAM4FREEDOM!
Marie Jeantet
Show your pride
My ART4FREEDOM is about the freedom to come out and safely be yourself.
In the year of 2015, June 26th, America finalized and legalized gay marriage throughout all fifty states. Following a year later, New Jersey celebrated its annual gay pride and their citizens, showing their support, strewn many rainbow flags throughout the city and New Jersey's apartments in commemoration of Gays Right and the LGTBQ+ community. Without the legalization of Equal Gay Rights, many of the LGBTQ+ community and members wouldn't be able to come out and express themselves. Freedom remains very important as, not only on a sexual level, but the whole spectrum, we should always feel safe to be our true selves. IAM4FREEDOM!
Kai Masamura
Dance and be free
My ART4FREEDOM is about the liberty I get when dancing. When dancing and feeling free, you forget all your fears, do what you want to do and do not care about what others think. It is just you being yourself and knowing that there is nothing wrong with the right to be you. IAM4FREEDOM!
Gion Sora
The Yellow Vest
My ART4FREEDOM is about
For this digital painting, I was clearly inspired by French news with the social movement of "Gilet Jaunes" fighting for their freedom by protesting against an, in their eyes, oppressive regime that raises fuel prices and such. A woman with an hard-nosed look, waving French flag, dressed in the famous yellow vest, baton in the other hand.. But then, what is "my" freedom in this illustration? Well, freedom of expression as an artist. Simply drawing what I want, to be able to put an image on a current event despite it getting even more violent. Why a Woman? Because I think women are not enough in the spotlight and deserve to be as much as men. Gender equality is really important for me and then we are back to freedom and the right to be yourself. IAM4FREEDOM!
Julien Mch
My ART4FREEDOM is about how freedom is lost and fear rises through war. I am from Ukraine and have just a few words. Gifts should not kill. Stop war: in my country, in the world, everywhere and forever. For me, for you, for everyone and for freedom. IAM4FREEDOM
Lana Petriv
Jump to Freedom
My ART4FREEDOM is about how the lack of freedom isn't often limited by someone else but our very selves. I encourage humanity to consider the limitations it is living within - both social (you're not pretty/good enough, you're too old) and personal (I can't do that), and make a conscious choice about whether those limitations really apply, or if we just mistakenly believe that they do. Most challenges in life are self-imposed; so why not consider what life would be like if, like freedom fighters, we faced our challenges head on? This entails taking a jump--sometimes without knowing what's down below--incorporating trust, and knowing that we possess all the tools necessary to land on our feet and feel the freedom of being our true selves. IAM4FREEDOM!
Kimberly Darwin
My ART4FREEDOM is about the lack of both inner- and outer freedom when dealing with massive change and the environment where one cannot be yourself, thus affecting us internally and externally. Such circumstances, make it harder for us to keep our inner freedom and stay in the present moment. Fear and worries quickly cloud our logic and doing simple things that we used to do with freedom and passion, seems harder than before. Stupidity grows and our inner strength begins to fail, somehow, even after being in open spaces.Distancing ourselves from the world, we still feel chained. And when our fears scream the loudest, that's when our real freedom begins. Only then, will we chase the dreams, we dreamed as a kid and begin to value our freedom, true existence, time, family, friends, health and overall love.
Diving deep within ourselves, we feel that we are all here for perhaps a heroic purpose. First finding out who we really are and from that point on, I believe our freedom, and the right to be yourself, journey begins and will we experience inner freedom, peace and rest. IAM4FREEDOM!
Sachin Chauhan
My ART4FREEDOM constitutes a reflexion on the seeking of peace through destruction. Humanity is shown as two headless entities who raise their arms to the sky. Our current civilization finds itself mutilated, hanged by the machinery it has created by its own hands, an artificial power which grants the capacity to reap huge quantities of human beings, spilling its members' blood, letting bullets rain to soak it while watering with violence the only world we know, the cradle of life, the one we point to fiercely, risking its existence, in order to achieve a ‘’real’’ peace. We need to stop this endless loop that has accompanied our species from the beginning of times. We are all a big family, we all need to try to respect and feel the other's feelings, not just looking at them as an ally or enemy of our interests. We are humans, we are all the same and we all want to be ourselves and be free. IAM4FREEDOM!
Jesus Contreras García
Carnival of freedom
My ART4FREEDOM is a shows the character dancing and feeling free, as she has every right to be herself. My artwork is also direct criticism of the new president of Brazil who marginalizes the LGBT community and other minorities. Our carnival is one of the biggest parties in the world and, like the ART4FREEDOM Gallery, the best opportunity to show the freedom that each one has, regardless of race, colour, religious belief, ethnicity, choice, gender, size and social position. We are all free to be who we want to be. IAM4FREEDOM!
Pedro Henrique
Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki
My ART4FREEDOM is honoring Te Kooti Arikirangi, a freedom fighter and leader who courageously, creatively and effectively opposed foreign government dominance in Aotearoa (New Zealand) during the 1800's. He survived against odds, which many today would would believe to be impossible to beat. In one instance, he was captured and taken away across the sea to a prison in the Chatham Islands. He was able to escape, release men, and sail back across to New Zealand. Although he was unpopular for his ethics and beliefs, even at times by his own people, he prevailed and kept the spirit and the fight alive. IAM4FREEDOM!
Ryan Karakoudas
My ART4FREEDOM is about a character that only wants to take away other people's freedom, in order to extend the war that he is a part of. As seen on the drawing with him using a person as a human shield against the distant explosion, while killing another. Where some people fight for freedom and a better world, he fights because he enjoys seeing other people being tormented and without hope, no matter what side he is fighting on. The drawing shows that, there are people that want to sacrifice other people for their own benefit and that some people simply enjoy the conflict, that a lack of freedom can create, while also finding ways to benefit from it. Those are the people we should be wary off in order to remain free. IAM4FREEDOM!
Martin Olesen
My ART4FREEDOM is about practicing- and expanding your inner freedom and right to be yourself out into the world and outer freedom. I believe freedom is to have the means and the courage to reflect on what you really want and to put that in practice by making your decisions, without having oppressive thoughts and fears of having to live up to others' expectations messing with your mind. IAM4FREEDOM!
Fernanda da Costa
My ART4FREEDOM is about about feeling free and finding inner freedom. I made it as a tribute to tell people that, despite the fact that sometimes we experience bullying and oppression, everything about you is beautiful; whether you've got scars, birthmarks, freckles, pimples, glasses, red hair, etc. Your appearance is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of and it doesn't change who you really are or should be. You are as much Human as any other person and have every right to be yourself. I uploaded this artwork to the ART4FREEDOM Gallery, so that it can tell everyone out there that they are truly beautiful and that there's nothing wrong with being who you are. When you realize that, you'll find freedom. IAM4FREEDOM!
Shuprobho Das
My Pride
" My ART4FREEDOM is a symbolization of my identity and the pride that I have for it. I do my best to not hide who I am and to be myself, unashamedly. It can be tough at times but it's necessary for my well being. Freedom is the ability to do this, to be able to be yourself in an environment that does not hinder you because of who you are. IAM4FREEDOM! "
Rowan Jane
My ART4FREEDOM is about feeling chained to a bad place. Outside of the cell, the world is messy and confusing, but full of vibrant colours and spreading out. However, inside everything is in greyscale - the cell is safe and clean but empty and dull, representing the void felt when subjected to constant oppression. The chains attached to the character are loose enough for her to have a taste of the outside but make sure she doesn’t venture too far and force her to always return to the lifeless cell. There is only one hint of colour inside, the eyes of the character, who refuses to be chained forever and waits for the opportunity to break free for good and become a part of the free living world outside. Courage to the innocent who feel locked out of who they can be! IAM4FREEDOM!
phlox divaricata
She Got a Beard
My ART4FREEDOM is about how we often judge and box people on things that don't concern us and shouldn't matter at all. If you look at my ART4FREEDOM, you can't say if it's an woman with a beard, or a bearded man with feminine features. And to be honest and direct: you don't need to! What should it matter to you? My artwork doesn't doesn't ask for you to question and neither do many of us out there. It is demonstrated the subversion of bodily roles and predictions. Clothes, change, differences and everything that anyone would chose for, is their decision and right and need not be questioned or criticized. The message of this quick sketch is universal and timeless and is still one of my favourite works. Talking about freedom and the right to be yourself. IAM4FREEDOM!
Igor Nunes
The feeling of freedom
My ART4FREEDOM isn't about torture, prison cells or bruised, bullied victims or the lack of freedom but about trying to express the feeling when one batches in freedom. That feeling when you go outside and feel the flaw of wind. It is such a simple feeling, but it is inimitable and makes you feel freedom. When you then close your eyes and turn inwards, as the character in my artwork does, you can see the colours, patterns, flowers and birds upon your eyelids and really see and feel what I am talking about. Let us appreciated the little things in life and take the time to feel free to truly be ourselves. IAM4FREEDOM!
Kate Kuzmina
Discovering Yourself
My ART4FREEDOM is to convey the moment in which the character (called FI_Prima) discovers not to be a human as she thought, which implies a large number of doubts about her freedom, her true essence, etc. Everyone will feel lost without knowing who we are, but in those moments, we have to make an act of strength and greater will to return to our path. Like FI_Prima, tearing off the cables that tie her, representing the people and problems that oppress and hold her down, to get up and get back on track. Fight for freedom and the right to be yourself and to find and build your way. IAM4FREEDOM!
jon iturbe
Doubtful Holding
My ART4FREEDOM generates a reflection about the character's judgment and personality in the art.
I had the idea to represent a beautiful woman in a cartoonized style and of inessential appearance to give the idea that something unfair is happening to her. However at the same time in the art, she is giving a kind of morbid smile and a threatening look that ends-up conveying a doubt: whether she is a innocent or not, whether she deserves to be arrested or not, messing with the objectivity of who is seeing the art. How often are people, like my character, judged by their cover? How often are they arrested because they stood up for freedom, the right to be themselves and what was right but wrong in the eyes of those who arrest, imprison and torture them. How easily can a freedom fighter be labelled a terrorist when fighting against an oppressive, police state regime? We should keep our objectivity when we see people being arrested and check their innocence for ourselves. IAM4FREEDOM!
Diego Severo
These Colors Don't Run
" My ART4FREEDOM is about the ongoing violence against, for example, gays. As there are still people out there who would oppress and eliminate the gay community. I grew up hiding in the closet out of fear of violence and ridicule for being gay. Over the years the mood of the county seemed to change and then gay marriage was legalized. I thought that it was safe to come out and I did. However, I was wrong. Even today, there are many hate groups that would have me killed for being myself. This piece is a message to them: I am gay, I speak softly and carry a big stick. If you come at me with lethal intentions you will be met with lethal intentions. I will not back down, I will not run away. Come at me if you dare. My ART4FREEDOM is a statement against oppressive hate groups. May we never have to use the stick due to the fact that people, finally start respecting each other. IAM4FREEDOM! "
Jaxon Keller

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