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Fear and Denial
"My ART4FREEDOM is about freeing oneself from fear. Denial, which creates an endless cycle of doubt about your feelings towards that fear. You will deny that your fears are real, maybe you deny that they exist? In any case, you have trapped yourself into believing there is no freedom from these fears. The answer lies in the problem, you must face your fears, see them as real and let them become part of you. Your fear is facing you, all you need to do is turn around and face it! Conquered fears turn into freedom and bravery, especially the fears that only reside within your thoughts.
My artworks generally deal with mental illnesses. Fear and Denial is about facing your fears and acknowledging they exist. The dark figure lurking in the background remains mysterious with glowing eyes that always seem to be watching, controlling and torturing you. The figure in the front incomplete, rough in stature, and unable to face her fears. Her fears surround her in everything she does, it has gotten to the point where it drains the life from her physically, all her color is gone, only the pale blues remain. IAM4FREEDOM! "
Sam Crowe
My ART4FREEDOM "Within” shows how our inner thoughts, feelings and freedom are being chained, trapped within us which essentially depriving ourselves of freedom and giving birth to our own inner demon.
For me, being free is not just about physical freedom. Expressing genuine emotion, thinking for your own, having your own opinion, talking freely, and many more, are all part of being you. So when you essentially lock these things and hide them away deep within you, then you are not free at all.
And when you spend your time oppressing the above, you are the one who ends up being oppressed. Locking these things away, eventually, will be painful and slowly, you’ll give life to negative thoughts, which you’ll also try lock away. Later down the line, you’ll realize that you can’t hide away anything, anymore and just want to be free. IAM4FREEDOM!
Hazel Rosie Bayaras
This is Concept Art for a video game. The story follows true accounts of inmates from around the world.
Liam Stewart
Voiceless Scars
My ART4FREEDOM is an illustration about a person lacking to speak up due his suffering. The transparent arrows on his back are the pain he experienced. It cannot be seen by anyone but he can feel it. The chain is his conscience and anxiety, which is stopping him to fight the pain and speak up his words. Thus, the “X” mark in his mouth are the words of his scars that were untold to reality. The struggle of fighting will only make the pain worse, but once he removes the mask on the mouth, everything will be worth it. This is a fight for freedom to speak up.
That one day he will be free, free to to explain his perspective... IAM4FREEDOM!
Aeus Danzalan
Chained Angel
My ART4FREEDOM character is based on a personal concept of a pure angel woman that is limited by the world to fully express her beautiful human nature. The chains represent the constraints of a superficial and oppressing world that inhibits the full manifestation of her true self. She is a fantasy, semi realistic, character, nude, with long white hair and white wings expressing her purity and freedom and stand in strong contrast with the chain, limitation, boundaries and pulling her down. She is a universal entity and her eyes reflects the Earth, which could symbolize she would be a protector of our planet besides being all for freedom. IAM4FREEDOM!
ariana 3dart
Power: Freedom
My ART4FREEDOM is about the freedom of thought. No matter how oppressed we are and how much they may torture us, freedom of thought is a power no one can take away. Why I chose these specific personal elements? Every night, I dream of a fantasy place, filled with dragons and other fantastic creatures, and with my imagination, I can be free to flow through all sorts of impossible worlds. This is my principal point. The old man with his eyes closed is a symbol expressing that there are no age restrictions for dreamers, who make make surreal things.
Freedom for me is the ability to think whatever I want. IAM4FREEDOM!
Gustavo Dante
LISA: The Prideful
My ART4FREEDOM is a fan work for the powerfully poignant game, LISA: The Painful by Austin Jorgensen. I created this piece during Pride Month of 2018 as an homage to the game's themes of finding meaning and purpose in an otherwise hopeless environment and of having the perseverance to see one's goals through to the end, whatever the cost. These are themes of freedom and ones that I believe resonate with many LGBT+ people, hence my motivation to create such a piece. That, and LISA: The Painful is just a fun game overall, so this piece was a lot of fun to make, too! IAM4FREEDOM!
Patrick Riggin
To explain the meaning behind my ART4FREEDOM, I would like to add a poem called Freedom by Jen Huan, as I could not expressed it any better:

"Precious like time,
Fragile like a baby.
A dream, a vision, a fantasy,
An individual's most valued possession.

Enabling yourself to soar through the horizon.
Hopes coming true,
Doors opening,
Chambers unlocking.

Feeling inside unexplainable,
Merely looking further towards forthcoming.
No past, no present,
Only the future in the beholder's hands.

Opinions differ in everyone's eye.
Easily taken away,
Earned by heart,
An everlasting promise."

Tomek Biniek
Gold Chains
My ART4FREEDOM is about the freedom of forgiveness and was inspired by the poetry of Segovia Amil. Sometimes, we live as slaves of our own resentment and rage against people, which, for years, we drag inside ourselves without ever questioning why we feel this or if perhaps we had made mistakes that we might be able to fix. This creates an interior prison that makes us feel a sense of bitterness thus ruining our old memories and even future relationships. The only way to break this "chain" is to say "I forgive you and myself for every mistake" and honestly mean it. Then our heart will feel free, better and lighter, freeing us from the former accumulation of frustrated feelings and mistakes that we made during bad relationships. Life is one, so we have to understand what is the best way to break the chains that we created on our own and start to live positive without past resentments. Life is freedom. IAM4FREEDOM!
Melissa Falconi
My ART4FREEDOM is about how in today's society, where we are led to believe that we are all supposedly free individuals who can do anything we desire, is a false ideology. We have so many limitations, whether it be for physical reasons, psychological or financial reasons, there is always some form of oppression that prevents true freedom. This artwork represents my view of society today. The woman looks outside through the bars in a trance, hoping that one day she can be rid of the shackles of society. She is portrayed with cuts and skin abrasions around her neck, which represents her tenacity on holding onto hope. The tattered clothes represent her environment and the brick and mortar prison cell with the shackle around her neck represents the oppression she faces in society. She wants nothing more than to be free. IAM4FREEDOM!
Mario Selvarajan
In Chains
My ART4FREEDOM is about a character who was captured during the war. She is the commander of the resistance squad fighting for freedom. The girl has some unusual abilities, however, this time, this could not help her. But she knows that her squad will come for her. Hope and the thought of freedom gives her strength but she actually needs freedom to continue her quest in helping others free themselves. IAM4FREEDOM!
Sofya Kulikova
My ART4FREEDOM is about how torture, oppression and not being free can get into your mind. About suffering from such a mental illness that it drags you down to the ground, you're like stuck and chained, it's tough to get up, fight or even lift your head. No longer can you be free, proud, who you are or aspire to be better. The loss of inner freedom is a cage of itself and when held down by bullying chains, you understand its weight and how hard it is to free yourself; often even impossible. And so, you have to live with the chains, forever unfree and always anxious they might bring you down once more.
The vibrant red colour seems surreal, just how it is for many people. It's difficult to see, recognize and explain. Sickness of the mind doesn't show like a broken bone, a rash or other physical features. So the flat red colour is out of this world. Out of sight. IAM4FREEDOM!
Pia Pape
Left In Darkness
My ART4FREEDOM is about the American history of slavery, the value of life/freedom and the oppression of identity. At a point we believed one life was worth less, justified and rationalized how ever we pleased, but there have been many captives on many levels, they have all possessed life or potential and they have all had their identity oppressed.
Framed as a slave, tied by chain to wood, without clothes there are no identifiers and so he could be anyone for example: a German war criminal captured by America, an American solder captured by Iraq? Or some hooligan, maybe even a police officer?
To me personally, it is about my friend, just one single person, so none of the above. The question is: who is he to you? IAMFORFREEDOM of expressing identity, to be who you are, as underneath we are all human-beings. IAM4FREEDOM!
Ashley Gray
In my ART4FREEDOM you can see the representation of the so-called, naked protagonist, showing herself as she truly is, yet clouded and oppressed by surrounding darkness. The red outlines represent her fears projected onto that world, the gem stone, her very essence and the light that bathes on her face, freedom!

Sometimes, it is difficult to be free when even our own "I" creates shadows that enclose us and obstacles that we do not see but which both prevent us from reacting or acting in the way we would like. Thus, creating that world of darkness where our fears live and have free reign, and in which, after time, we even start to feel comfortable, almost forgetting our essence and true selves. Sometimes, a sudden light may illuminate us and all we have to do then, is to look straight at it to remember and to be free. IAM4FREEDOM!
Raquel Jordana RJV Ilustración
Mouth of People
ART4FREEDOM stands for freedom of expression, meaning that all human beings have the right to express themselves without being harassed for what they think, feel, say, do or create.
This main motor of human development is an inalienable right that, as such, must imply respect for the freedom of one and other, fundamentally, because there is never only one truth. I repeat: THERE IS NOT ONLY ONE TRUTH!
So, a democratic government must be as open as possible towards free expression, otherwise the objectivity of the State would be in danger. I believe that Art must have social responsibility. IAM4FREEDOM!
Patricia Abal
The main character in my ART4FREEDOM has been hunted down, for merely being himself. He was shot badly and because of that, he is losing his strength. But he knows that no matter how hard it is, he has to keep going because he can´t live his life in oppression. This image is a metaphor of a feeling, which probably everyone feels at least once in his/her life. The feeling that we are hunted by something. It can be our past, our fears or expectations of other people, bullies on a playground, racists, homophobes or even the police, military or government. But no matter how much they hurt us, we know that we always have to keep going and fight for freedom. IAM4FREEDOM!
Gabriela Novotna
Spirit Freedom
This ART4FREEDOM presents modern freedom. Every freedom needs a battle, so that's why the girl has ripped clothes, bruises and iron mace in her hand. She wears a crown like the Statue of Liberty, but this one turns into ice (thus symbolising the cruel reality). Also freedom is blind on one eye - she sees what she wants to see. Her look tells us 'I am ALL4FREEDOM and the right to be yourself and I want to fight for my freedom - whatever the cost. IAM4FREEDOM!'
Aleksandra Joksovic
Freedom / Libertad
I´m a 3D render enthusiast, and with my ART4FREEDOM piece called “Freedom“, I wanted to represent the light coming through the window in such a dark place, the idea of being captive and that even a little light can bring life and a sense of freedom to those half dead and no longer free. Furthermore, I am very aware of the importance of freedom and that many inmates are perhaps political prisoners and/or innocent, simply arrested and locked-up for being themselves. May others too become aware and free with the help of this artwork. IAM4FREEDOM!
jose angel cantu g.
In my ART4FREEDOM I've tried to express the freedom of young children. They live merely in their dreams, play and imagination and are therefore, still truly free. Later when we grow old, we get sucked into school, homework, jobs, responsibilities and bit by bit, we all loose our very freedom and are no longer free. IAM4FREEDOM!
Steven Fergusson
It seems to be horizontal, but this is what you call a vertical drop.
In my artworks and in this ART4FREEDOM, I move between wallpaper and wall.
In a world behind the world.
Where your skin peels itself, until there are no layers left.
Where the naked truth lies and doubt always wanders.
Take a deep breath and you can smell through time.
You could say it is a rather erratic place to find yourself in,
but it is also soothing.
Nothing is as it seems.
So find out for yourself what gets triggered while entering
this space between wallpaper and wall. IAM4FREEDOM!
Yentl Oehlenschläger
Le Râle Silencieux
My ART4FREEDOM is about sexual freedom. In my books, The silent Groan and Second Souffle - Second breath, both created on the subject of sexual violence and rape, I aim to inform and denounce a reality that is often hidden and trivialized in our society. My second objective was to let the victims speak and provide solutions for them to rebuild themselves after such a trauma.
For me, Freedom begins with our body. We should always be in total control of it and do what we want with it, including sex.
The sexual act is something spontaneous that you choose to do and should never be an obligation. Freedom is also about being able to say no and being heard; to be respected as a human being. We must not let an act of love and sharing become tools of torture, pressure and oppression. Our body belongs to us, let's fight for our Freedom: IAM4FREEDOM!
Juliette Mozet
Caging a cage
The idea of my ART4FREEDOM came from an old poem, "The nightingale does not breed in a cage", but I replaced the nightingale with flying birds because it is more general. The cage symbolizes the lack of freedom. So, for the birds to enjoy freedom, the cage is placed inside a cage of the same type. The work is open for interpretation and raises many questions such as: Are the birds considering the depth of entrapment? The cage of our everyday lives inside the cage of the wider world. Are they trying to work out how to live their everyday lives without being caught in events and circumstances beyond their control?
A man is born free for five minutes as it is said, so how does he/ she know freedom again? I hope that this work, in addition to ART4FREEDOM, will contribute to the awareness of the lost freedom. IAM4FREEDOM!
Raqee Najmuldeen
Women in the Shadow
My ART4FREEDOM is about freedom and the right to be yourself and how most of us go through daily live wearing masks and oppressing our true self. The woman in the shadow shows only a slice of who she really is. She is visibly tired of her societal imitation with fake smiles and gratitude. Yet, every night, in the darkness, she truly reveals her real self with a glimpse into her soul. Therefore, she is the Women in the Shadow...and IAM4FREEDOM!
Devanshu Shrivastava
Those who are obedient must be slaves
This ART4FREEDOM image represents the strength and unity of the student populace advocating improved road safety in Bangladesh, 2018. The blindfold depicts the darkness inflicted, cast by the government of the nation that had turned a blind eye to the students when terrorist groups had taken it upon themselves to rid the streets of these peaceful enforcers, by raping, murdering and wreaking havoc upon them.
By remaining faithful for what they stood, the brave students had succeeded in pointing out what was wrong with the nation, outlasting the torture from all sides, and emerging victorious and free. IAM4FREEDOM!
Rubayat Raiyan
A voice from within
My ART4FREEDOM is about a less-obvious freedom: as you get older your body starts to rot. But getting older also means gaining wisdom, and wisdom to me is a way of freedom. Freedom in a sense that you start to reject certain aspects that you were anxious about in your youth. Later, you have the freedom – or the experience, to turn away and frankly not care so much about life and all its mishaps. We can all achieve this mental- or inner freedom, but through different paths in our life. IAM4FREEDOM!
Kim Jakobsson
Inspired by the movie called "I, Robot", I got the idea that it was all about freedom. Whether you're a human or an A.I. - both struggle to free themselves from their own demons. My ART4FREEDOM named 'Liberation' shows a robot looking through the window of a space shuttle. We humans have the gift to freely express our emotions but what about robots? How can they express what they feel? I've tried to convey the robot's locked-up thoughts and emotions via its gesture: like a human, the imprisoned robot hopes that some day, it will be free. IAM4FREEDOM!
Sahil Mathur
The Undo Project
My ART4FREEDOM is created as the cover of a short comic book, which addresses issues such as lack of freedom, genetic experimentation, mindless consumerism and abuse/neglect. The character is imprisoned within a world that he has seemingly no control over. He wakes up to what is happening around him, yet feels unable to change anything. He wants to escape and have the freedom to control his own life.

The character is actually a metaphor for an imprisoned foetus. His fate is decided by the pregnant women, whose womb has trapped him inside. He is left to the mercy of her choices (alcoholism, genetic modification, drugs, etc.). Therefore, he appears to be drowning underwater, suspended in the fluid inside the womb. He is also tied down by the chains of his own veins, caging and connecting him to the mother's lifestyle (unwillingly). IAM4FREEDOM!
Julia Lewis-Thomas
To create this ART4FREEDOM, I was prompted by thoughts on freedom. What is freedom? What are its limits and consequences? And most importantly, what role does she play in art? Frames limit the elitism of art. The stronger the frame the stronger the pressure. All beauty is in freedom. A comparison with a butterfly is not just like that. They are often caught and nailed with a hairpin. But art is not only a beauty but also a meaning. And the scope of this sense is killed. IAM4FREEDOM!
Irina Dringova
Mandato Unico
This ART4FREEDOM shows a new type of oppressor, one who decides who lives and who dies, either by controlling or sentencing them. Using the power of the media, economy, savage capitalism and the desinformation of the masses, deceiving them with fake news and lies, forbidding freedom of thought or basic human development and ultimately condemning them in all possible ways. The powerful image with the accusing and determining finger is backed by an education that allows him to activate all possibilities, while the victim does not have any, so that the social fabric is broken and one returns to absolute slavery. IAM4FREEDOM!
Mirtha Otaño
Stripy Feet
I started drawing this ART4FREEDOM, feeling outraged and sad a few days ago that #brettkavanaugh was about to join the US supreme court. As Linda Sarsour, one of the organisers of the Women’s March said (in the @guardian): “This is not just a blow for women. It is about immigration, refugees, the rights of people of colour, voting rights, reproductive rights, Native American rights- this disastrous process and conservative judge represents a roll back in time. IAM4FREEDOM!
Linda Hulshof

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