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My ART4FREEDOM is about how throughout the history of humanity and maybe even more so, today, man has been a slave in many ways and we continue to be slaves of an oppressive system. This illustration has an old style to remember that our grandparents, when they were young, fought to the death for our current freedom. Let's not forgot them, the importance of freedom and continue the fight for freedom. /Never forget/
ART4FREEDOM has shown me that artists still have the opportunity to express themselves, sites such as ALL4FREEDOM, without censorship, serve as a channel to carry a message to thousands of people, and create the necessary awareness and changes in their consciences. ART4FREEDOM is and represents all that is freedom in people's mind and art, I am very grateful with ART4FREEDOM/ALL4FREEDOM for that. IAM4FREEDOM!
Daniel Nate
Feeling of freedom
My ART4FREEDOM is about continuing our forefathers' fight for freedom. Freedom is the feeling of flying. Flying in your native land, where you can rise above the Carpathian mountains, breathe in clear transparent air and feel the attraction of the earth, where your ancestors lived for centuries, whose history and freedom has forever frozen in the ornate patterns of embroidery. IAM4FREEDOM!
Hanna Nechytailo
My ART4FREEDOM is about how innocent get sentenced with forced confessions and thus how many no longer live in freedom but spend their years post-torture in terrible prisons. According to the data released by the Levada Center on June 26, 2017, 38% of Russians called Joseph Stalin the most outstanding person of all times. A different opinion on the time of Stalin's rule is expressed by this project. It should be noted that not all of the prisoners mentioned in the Project committed crimes, being accused of, however, who pleaded guilty to crimes they did not commit under tortures and psychological abuse. May all be free to be themselves, no longer be tortured and locked-up. IAM4FREEDOM
Dmitry Tamkovich
The execution
My ART4FREEDOM is part of a Spanish playing card I developed and is inspired by the torture and oppression at the hand of the Spanish Inquisition during the 15th century. People lived in fear and could no longer be themselves. Horrible hardships were endured to end in death or forced confession and/or converting to Catholicism prior to death. Even today, some of same Spanish torture methods are still used by totalitarian regimes, dictators and despots. The more reason to be aware and fight for freedom. Power can corrupt our whole society and its decisions, just because some people are considered less than others. Nobody is more than anyone. Everybody is equal, and we deserve equal rights, to live, to fight, to exist and to be free! IAM4FREEDOM!
Giovana Marion
My ART4FREEDOM is based on a secondary story inside another one about the importance of freedom that I have been thinking of for many years.
In this world full of battles against injustice and oppression, a creature was created with the purpose of training a noble warrior who fought for freedom and a better world.
'Have you ever really thought about the power that one can have over another? Do you believe that i.e. love can change our destiny and free us from the chains of everyday life?'
Such was were the reflections of the warrior, who looked so kindly, compassionately and questioning at her quest and at this creature. Her moments of inner freedom and silence ended up being their deepest conversations and, day after day, she began to feel that same desire for the fight for freedom until the warrior was ready to give everything for the only thing so important and which she loved most, freedom. IAM4FREEDOM!
Shura Humphreys
In Poland we have this saying - "Wolny jak ptak" (Free as a bird). It describes a person who is not tied down with obligations or duties and free to go anywhere anytime. Birds can't see the imaginary lines we draw on maps and then call borders, they don't care about money, religion or work hours. They are truly free and fly anywhere anytime. In these times when the people are committed to consumption, conflicts about ridiculous things and struggle for mere profits, maybe we should learn a thing or two from birds. IAM4FREEDOM!
Jacek Pucilowski
My ART4FREEDOM - the freedom to express yourself, (color)fully.
Each of us, no matter the gender, color or occupation, should be free to express ourselves, in the most natural and honest ways. It's like how the universe is composed of different, colorful and expressive stars and galaxies. We - the ones who made up that universe - should have the rights to live, to breathe, and to fight for what we believe. And to be as bright and colorful as we want to be. That's what it means to live and to have freedom. Besides, I love painting handsome young men ;-)
When creating this piece, I wanted to express the idea that nothing describes the freedom in creating art more than expressive and bold choices of colors and brush strokes. In this artwork, the portrait is expressed in a way that is actually more highlighted in the additional elements, like background and brush stains. Somehow, I hope the result ended up more striking and attractive to look at than just a normal smoothly-done portrait art and it can serve its cause as a true attention- and awareness-claiming ART4FREEDOM. IAM4FREEDOM!
Ngan Tran
Freedom for Snowman
My ART4FREEDOM illustrates how the snowman must have felt being imprisoned in a shakeable snow globe if suddenly roles were reversed. We can only be free if all are free, ALL4FREEDOM - FREEDOM4ALL.
I believe freedom is the capability of pretending as your real self without hiding or being embarrassed of your thoughts. It is either a soul belonging to the right body, right life and right place, or belonging to nothing or nowhere. IAM4FREEDOM!
Alp Atalay
My ART 4 FREEDOM is here to do all Art4freedom do, namely, as an artist, to support ALL4FREEDOM, as a community of people with same ideals, yet with many different and unique individuals and choices and to help and make world free-er. Freedom, the hard road one should travel with pleasure. Like life, freedom is a challenge as steep hill full of rock, buy always fight to stay free. Find that little track of light and let it shine on you. Keep spirit strong and let you to be yourself and to be free. ALL4FREEDOM
Dejan Stastni
Stolen Freedom
My ART4FREEDOM is called Stolen Freedom and the image portrays how beautiful freedom is, see the birds flying free and joyfully). At the same time freedom is very valuable and one can see how it is often stolen and imprisoned as if it were something common for other to take. The bird inside the cage represents (the desire for) freedom and the woman with red dress represents the oppressor, the force, which holds freedom in her hand for her own pleasure or control, while observing it and thus preventing its release. IAM4FREEDOM!
Murilo Francisco
My ART4FREEDOM is about the torture that many innocent individuals have to endure merely because they were themselves or expressed something they believed in. This right or freedom can never be taken for granted and it is important that prisoners who were arrested without a trial, are no longer held captive, let alone have to endure torture methods, which make them feel like for example the agony of near-drowning. Hopefully, we can all rid of this inhuman behaviour, one day, so, that we can all be ourselves without fear of imprisonment and such cruelties. IAM4FREEDOM!
Taiti Taitilil
African Pride
My ART4FREEDOM is about the freedom of the people of Africa and the right for them to be themselves. When I made this artwork, quickly after seeing the Black Panther movie, I had a vision of an ancient African citizen, who looks rich and well-dressed. I wanted to show the possibility of something before the poverty, a majestic picture of a forgotten civilization far from the image, we have of Africa nowadays. I gave him white eyes to give him an extra dimension like a God, something mysterious, far from us, and to give him a bit of wisdom. I think it's also freedom to decide how perceive our own past and not only stick to what we are being told, again and again, since our childhood. IAM4FREEDOM!
Nicolas Monteiro
My ART4FREEDOM piece was illustrated in the midst of pride month. It can be a struggle to openly live as your authentic self when one is LGBTQ, whether through the internal or external struggles too many are forced into. The freedom to love is a right, not a privilege. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I wish to spread that message of love. IAM4FREEDOM!
Raven Stark
My ART4FREEDOM is about how, in Brazil, we are living in a very chaotic time; after the elections, a lot of repressed prejudices came back to surface. The violence against the LGBTQ+ community got stronger. We are all scared, but we are trying to keep ourselves together more than ever and my ART4FREEDOM is uploaded and out there to do just that.
In Brazil, the way we pronounce the term "bi" (as for "bisexual") sounds like "bee". I was not the first one who noticed that, there is even a Brazilian youtube channel called "Canal das Bee" (freely translated as "Bee's channel) that focuses on the Brazilian LGBTQ+ community, so the idea got stuck in my head. Bees are incredible animals and there is a lot we have in common: they play an incredible part in nature, they are everywhere, they work as a community, they protect one another and they only attack if they are attacked first. Besides, they are really cute and make things sweeter with their honey. So my artwork is a way for me to show how we are not alone, that all of us in the LGBTQ+ community are a family, with different colours and flags, but still together as one in the end. IAM4FREEDOM!
Kamilla Aguiar
Ruby and Sapphire
My ART4FREEDOM is about freedom, the right to be yourself and to love another woman, as a woman. I was inspired by Steven Universe, which is all about LGBT freedom and it's the first kid's cartoon to have (and show) a lesbian couple! As a bisexual artist, it's super important for me to show free love for woman, so this is one of my favourite couples. I wanted to draw them natural and free as all of us should be, loving each other in our most sincere way. As garnet says: We're stronger together, our power is love. IAM4FREEDOM!
Tainah Ferreira
His dangerous eyes
My ART4FREEDOM is best described by a poem on how the school teachers use their power to make you feel stupid, oppressed and as if you're trapped. When I first read this poem, I felt my hair raise on my back, I just had to illustrate it, as it described how I had felt through school!
Kids are often bullied by the schoolmates but the biggest bully of them all can also be the teacher or the system. IAM4FREEDOM!
Below, the translation of the Norwegian poem:

He scanned the classroom
His eyes always stopped at my desk
He was basically a killer of words
He stole everything within me
Related to learning and writing pleasure
However those without mistakes
His eyes smiled to blindly

Poem by M.J.K art by Mads Johan Øgaard
Mads Johan Øgaard
Pride Flags - Part 1 - Iko Meko, extremely pan
My ART4FREEDOM is part of a series of individual and character pride flags. The right to self identity and expression is one of, if not the most important freedom for me, as for the first years of my life, I had no freedom, no life of my own, no ability to even develop an identity. Now, my own identity, and the identities I express through my characters, mean the world to me. IAM4FREEDOM!
Hespera Smith
People with their orientations
My ART4FREEDOM is about LGBT rights. All people have gender and orientation, but not everyone has equal rights. Some people think of LGBT orientated people as dirty and claim that their freedom should be taken away. In my opinion, they are deeply mistaken because if you objectively zoom in; it's their problem, not that of the LGBT people, who hurt nobody. This ART4FREEDOM picture was created to support the freedom and the right to be yourself of all such people out there, as clearly, love has no gender. IAM4FREEDOM!
Umy Kosaka
Freedom Through Identity
My ART4FREEDOM is about the freedom to visibly express yourself, no matter your identity. It would be a lie to say that queer identities are no longer shunned or stigmatised, but I feel incredibly lucky to have grown up with exposure to LGBT themes and communities. The freedom to create my own characters, narratives, and artwork has always been important to me. The freedom to visibly mirror my experiences and identity within those works even more so. It’s crucial to allow queer people to enjoy their identities, channel them into their creative work, and just have fun. IAM4FREEDOM!
Zosia Bartosik
I Now Pronounce You...Garnet
My ART4FREEDOM is fan-art for a cartoon called 'Steven Universe', which features (non-exclusively) relationships between female characters. It's mostly about a race of aliens called Gems, with the same names as gemstones. The gems in this piece of fan-art are named Ruby and Sapphire. They became a couple after accidentally fusing their light-energy bodies to become a brand new gem...Garnet. Garnet is the fusion of their bodies and the living symbol of their love. Garnet's very existence is literally a relationship. At first they were advised to be together by their former leader, Rose Quartz. But later in the series, Ruby proposes to Sapphire so that their decision to be together can be just theirs and no one else's. Talking about freedom and the right to be yourself or be with whom you choose. My ART4FREEDOM shows their first on-screen kiss. IAM4FREEDOM!
Jordan Davis-Carter
895 days
My ART4FREEDOM is about the necessity to love and support those who are locked-up, oppressed and tortured, simply for standing up for freedom and the right to be yourself. Sometimes people are so brave that they choose to stay together, just because they love one and other. No matter the pain, the difficulties or the threat of suffering a similar sentence of a freedom-robbed future, they keep up their mutual support for love and freedom... Thus, freedom is also to endure and stand still and firm in front of the sweet sunset, even if you know that the new day will bring a horrible hurricane; you must learn to dance in such danger to survive. IAM4FREEDOM!
Erika Sanciu
Love Shines
My ART4FREEDOM is about not being able to be myself and shows my persona being kissed by his boyfriend. I wanted to show what I couldn't show in reality. Because I'm a girl, I am not able to express my love for the people who are part of the LGBT community, to my classmates or those I hang with in classes. If I had told them of my love to draw and read LGBT (Specifically BL) novels, mangas and animes they'd no doubt think I was strange. However it is only when I draw I am able to express myself and give freedom to my other half that I have to keep hidden. Again, I wish things were different and that we can all be and express who we truly are. IAM4FREEDOM!
Jasmine Kok
Smile & Be Free
My ART4FREEDOM was painted in the proud month of America. As a gay, I never felt the support from my country for LGBTQ +, because it completely prohibits the Pride Moon Parade. I wanna upload this work, which contains a contrasting bright smile to join a Pride Moon party. In my mind, in a country where rainbow activity is totally prohibited, we should make some noise for ourselves, for freedom and the right to be yourself! Otherwise, the LGBTQ+ will disappear completely. And so, I posted this work on Chinese social media. Although it was deleted soon. But at least I did it. Happy to upload it into the ART4FREEDOM Gallery of the ALL4FREEDOM site - a social media community for freedom. IAM4FREEDOM
lin bingjun
Freedom to LOVE
My ART4FREEDOM illustration was my first work after doing a master on concept art. I am very proud because it represents the 'Freedom to LOVE' between two women without being affected by the erotic filter of patriarchy. I did it as a tribute to the gay pride, 4FREEDOM and the right to be yourself. IAM4FREEDOM!
Mj GCabrera
But they don't fly
My ART4FREEDOM is about freedom being chained from childhood on and would like to share this poem:
"When freedom is doomed
from a childhood full of tears
that built all of your fears.

So the dreams can not fly away
because of your pain,
and each of them has its own chain.
Gabriele Lunghi
Chained freedom
My ART4FREEDOM is inspired by the freedom of a tramp. A tramp's life is freedom. He can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants and go wherever he wants. The nomad life with no strings attached, makes his feel free. However, even the tramp is chained to this way life, as he hasn't got the means and possibility to fulfil his dreams in a different way. My tramp is free but chained at the same time. Thus, the image richly resonates ART4FREEDOM'S subjects of freedom and the lack of freedom in the same artwork. IAM4FREEDOM!
Anna Mancini
Freedom Screen Cyberpunk
My ART4FREEDOM is about being yourself behind a screen. My artwork is the representation of someone who tries to be free and self-reliant and who, in spite of hard blows, keeps smiling. Personally, I find it easier to be myself behind a screen where I can hide behind a nickname, even if some also use this to shed their hatred, it allows others to have a buffer and be free to be themselves. If in real life it is often not yet possible for them to do so. It doesn’t matter if people judge you, as when you feel that freedom is all that matters, you’ll find like-minded freedom-loving people to accept you as you are. IAM4FREEDOM!
Celine Delhaye
My ART4FREEDOM is about a cat girl Uliya, a synthetic animal, who never knew what freedom is, since the moment she escaped from the laboratory. She was stripped of emotions artificially by the avenger but the scientists who developed her wanted to make her feel human emotions and made her eyes flow a liquid similar to tears when she was being bullied, beaten and/or attacked by harmful language, even though she couldn't feel nothing at the moment. The years of captivity are deeply engraved in her heart. Being imprisoned in a cage called Heart, she does not desire, she does not need freedom, her heart belongs to the deepest darkness. Nobody knows. It's a silent war. The devil whispers in her ear and tells her to abandon freedom. Should she listen to the devil's whisper? Or fight for freedom? She feels alone and just wants to be herself without having her eyes cry and not knowing why. IAM4FREEDOM!
ruanhui SHARK
Fear and Denial
"My ART4FREEDOM is about freeing oneself from fear. Denial, which creates an endless cycle of doubt about your feelings towards that fear. You will deny that your fears are real, maybe you deny that they exist? In any case, you have trapped yourself into believing there is no freedom from these fears. The answer lies in the problem, you must face your fears, see them as real and let them become part of you. Your fear is facing you, all you need to do is turn around and face it! Conquered fears turn into freedom and bravery, especially the fears that only reside within your thoughts.
My artworks generally deal with mental illnesses. Fear and Denial is about facing your fears and acknowledging they exist. The dark figure lurking in the background remains mysterious with glowing eyes that always seem to be watching, controlling and torturing you. The figure in the front incomplete, rough in stature, and unable to face her fears. Her fears surround her in everything she does, it has gotten to the point where it drains the life from her physically, all her color is gone, only the pale blues remain. IAM4FREEDOM! "
Sam Crowe
My ART4FREEDOM "Within” shows how our inner thoughts, feelings and freedom are being chained, trapped within us which essentially depriving ourselves of freedom and giving birth to our own inner demon.
For me, being free is not just about physical freedom. Expressing genuine emotion, thinking for your own, having your own opinion, talking freely, and many more, are all part of being you. So when you essentially lock these things and hide them away deep within you, then you are not free at all.
And when you spend your time oppressing the above, you are the one who ends up being oppressed. Locking these things away, eventually, will be painful and slowly, you’ll give life to negative thoughts, which you’ll also try lock away. Later down the line, you’ll realize that you can’t hide away anything, anymore and just want to be free. IAM4FREEDOM!
Hazel Rosie Bayaras

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