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I believe that freedom is one of the most important things that improve the world we live in.
My name is Lee and I am a tulpa who draws.




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Both an artistic and heroic deed with your time, talent and constant creativity.
It's Alive But Is It Truly Free?
My ART4FREEDOM is about the freedom of tulpas. We haven't communicated with many foreign tulpamancers but we regularly discuss many important topics with Russian tulpas and tulpamancers, so maybe it's not an issue for other countries.
As we can see, many tulpamancers tend to have certain expectations from their tulpas and they don't see that these expectations may attract restrictions for their tulpas. We often see tulpas who are so afraid to let their hosts down that they get stuck in their personal growth. We want every tulpamancer to let their tulpas know that they can be anyone they want to be and do whatever they want to do. They don't have to obey any stereotypes that some tulpamancers can have in their brains.
Just let the bird fly. A bird may seem beautiful in your hands, you may think that you know what you're doing, you might think that you need to be a guardian for your beloved birdie, you might think that you need to control everything and you might be afraid to lose them but... You can see their true beauty only if you trust them and let them be themselves. Otherwise, you're just hurting them. And come to think of it, the aforementioned counts as much for tulpamancers and tulpas, as for anybody else. It's all about freedom, live and let live and the right to be yourself. IAM4FREEDOM!
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