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ALL4FREEDOM works very different than most NGOs. Ever since the start of our predecessor, Project Aware, which worked with the famous zero-cost-method and completely without money, the 100% sponsored mission has always been the main focus. This made the non-fundraising-construction, freedom-valuing foundation the odd man out, right from the start. With all due respect for other organizations, we think and feel that we live in new times with new needs.
Our world doesn't need more of the same as this will give the same usual results. In addition, many others are doing great work, each on their niche and areas of expertise. Meanwhile, ALL4FREEDOM is unique in uniting all parties for a positive change and 4FREEDOM. We guess our fight 4FREEDOM and the right to be yourself continues, even on a foundation or organizational level.

No celebrities

Quite contrary to most NGOs, ALL4FREEDOM does not link so-called celebrities to the cause. As we are all unique and thus special in our very own way, we do not feel the need to place certain celebrities above others prominently promoting their freedom and fame. If the famous few are 4FREEDOM and become IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, obviously, we would welcome them but, being people-powered, in our humble opinion, means not to discriminate by status or stardom.


A swift sign-up and share shows you are 4FREEDOM and already helps a hundred. Next, when you have time, you can continue to explore the whole spectrum of additional IAM4FREEDOM Hero campaigner collaboration options from crowd-sourcing, crowd campaigning and crowdfunding to connecting and co-creating, etc.


You can sign-up 4FREEDOM and 4FREE. In addition, ALL4FREEDOM strives to cater for all additional post-sign-up contribution possibilities for you, 4FREE, thus varying from free to voluntary self-chosen ticket-pricing for the 4FREEDOM events. This way you decide your support/sponsoring, according to what freedom is worth and your wallet. For example, it is you who decides the SHOP4FREEDOM merchandise margins.

Young and Young-minded

ALL4FREEDOM runs on you, early adopters and -believers, kindred spirited people who act and think fresh and free. Powered by the passion, determination, drive and combined call-to-action of young and open-minded sponsors or partners and IAM4FREEDOM Heroes around the world, the FREEDOM4ALL vision is fuelled forward, vigorously and innovatively.

Lean Overhead

A minimal management team (2-4 persons) is in charge of the daily operational management focusing mainly on all co-workers (volunteers and internships who need the necessary guidance) and the acquiring of the compulsory means through sponsoring in product, service and expertise. This core team is fully crowdfunded via CROWDFUND4FREEDOM by companies who wish to contribute but cannot sponsor by matching their core-business to ALL4FREEDOM's needs.

Short-term/Local Actions

By launching all projects and actions, both locally as well as nationally, ALL4FREEDOM aims at you and people around you. You are the one who is inspired to think forward and beyond your daily life. Therefore, ALL4FREEDOM offers you direct and easy-accessible options to participate in order for you to contribute to the long-term goals and joint vision/ideals.


Quite different to other organizations, ALL4FREEDOM does not launch any large marketing campaigns in print, outdoor, radio/TV, as you or crowd-campaigning have a leading role in the media policy, instead of a supporting role. It is you and all the other IAM4FREEDOM Heroes that multiply the freedom thought and feeling. Your very campaign contributes to ALL4FREEDOM's visibility, brand-awareness and reach. It is you who recruits and reaches out to new IAM4FREEDOM Heroes via virals, social media shares, your network and actions. Crazily campaigning 4FREEDOM!


To guarantee success, a few projects crowdfund ALL4FREEDOM's continuity. Via CROWDFUND4FREEDOM, companies can crowdfund in the traditional way, as well as in the cutting-edge/contemporary company-campaigner crowdfunding. In addition ALL4FREEDOM's promotional SHOP4FREEDOM, DANCE4FREEDOM and other 4FREEDOM events crowdfund the merchandise production, as well as the pre-sale tickets, prior to each event, to not only safeguard the mission itself but to assure the stock sale and blast of each DANCE4FREEDOM edition beforehand. While other organizations, in order to keep covering the costs, tend to aggressively and vigorously market, thus driving people directly into the so-called 'donation drain', ALL4FREEDOM's creative approach causes her IAM4FREEDOM Heroes to honestly keep up the good work.

Politically Neutral

ALL4FREEDOM is politically neutral and merely represents your/the people's interests. All existing political parties shall be contacted, treated and rated equally on behalf of their party program and the answers to questions of people, on their contribution to freedom. This is absolutely necessary, in order to be trustworthy for both our IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, as well as all political parties involved.

Religiously Neutral

ALL4FREEDOM is religion neutral. As the name already suggests, 'all' wish to be free and can contribute to the cause. No matter what your religious background or belief, you will find that freedom is universal and all human beings, religious or non-religious, strive to be happy, liberated and free. In addition, all religion reaches out to us to do well and that is just what you can do. Do your good deed and become an active IAM4FREEDOM Hero.


The 'ALL' in ALL4FREEDOM and FREEDOM4ALL literally means all. Freedom (and the right to be yourself) is our middle name and whoever you are, in the broadest sense of the word, you can come, join and contribute. Whether you are male, female or she-male, freedom-valuing folk from Venezuela to Tokyo, tall or small, all-star athletic or heavily handicapped, brown, blue or green-eyed. hetero, GLBT, white, black, green, yellow or purple. etc. Naturally, freedom is universal without any discriminative distinction.


ALL4FREEDOM shall always and only initiate peaceful projects and actions, where you and everyone involved are treated with respect. Your freedom is respected according to the code of conduct. During the actions, IAM4FREEDOM Heroes will always be encouraged to embody this philosophy fully. Violence is the opposite of freedom, feeding on both the freedom of the victim as well as the aggressor and can never be tolerated when campaigning 4FREEDOM.


Our main focus lays on you! Or perhaps better said: on you as a man or woman, as a human or as in, human rights, rather than on means and money. With the construction where all costs are born by sponsors who support the initiative by offering their core business, ALL4FREEDOM runs entirely on third party goodwill. ALL4FREEDOM shows that it is not all about money and that there are enough people, like you, who are willing to do something for another person or the cause, without receiving reward or payment. Thus, ALL4FREEDOM emphasizes the ultimate goal being, freedom and shifts the factor finance to the background. This clearly benefits ALL4FREEDOM's transparency and trustworthiness. Many NGO's once started out with an ideal because the initiator(s), as was the case with ALL4FREEDOM, came across some serious sickness or other sad and serious situations (lack of water, food, health care education, education, etc.). However, in time, when more and more money started rolling in and at the same time, costs continued to increase the focus on fundraising often became more important than the initial mission.

No fundraising/donations

ALL4FREEDOM believes that an NGO does not necessarily need to ask you for money, which is why we do not work with prodigious pre-printed bank account numbers, third-party fundraising companies and money donating individuals. We do NOT fundraise traditionally. All costs are covered 100% by companies through SPONSORING4FREEDOM (sponsoring in product, service and expertise) and/or via CROWDFUND4FREEDOM and SHOP4FREEDOM merchandise or DANCE4FREEDOM tickets. ALL4FREEDOM is a non-fundraising non-profit foundation because its emphasis lies on you, as a human being and as an ambassador, rather than the money.

100% sponsored

ALL4FREEDOM works in accordance with SPONSOR4FREEDOM, the non-fundraising-construction, 100% sponsored, resulting from the famous zero-cost-method of the Project Aware period, where no money goes in or out of the organization, as all involved parties, personnel and partners via WORK4FREEDOM or SPONSOR4FREEDOM, sponsor All4FREEDOM in product, service or expertise; 4FREEDOM instead of for an invoice. Nowadays, many companies wish to run their business as socially responsible as possible and therefore, gladly contribute to ALL4FREEDOM's mission by sponsoring their core business such as free broadcast time, office space, print work, consultancy, etc. In exchange for the support, ALL4FREEDOM proudly places them in the spotlights. Quite opposite to other NGO's, there is no large financial flow from which, subsequently, stuff can be purchased.

100% independent

ALL4FREEDOM is independent, neutral and free to do what you reckon that should be done. ALL4FREEDOM is free to follow her own agenda and that of her IAM4FREEDOM Heroes and is not part of a decisive, larger mother organization or governmentally managed. This is why ALL4FREEDOM can continue to raise important subjects such as freedom, human rights and BSUR, which you and the majority mention as being important. Other organizations, due to their dependence, are, at some point, often obliged or inclined to ignore certain interests and important paths. Obviously, there is no doubt that being so free benefits our output and problem solving tactics, as we are able to operate freely within this fully innovative and creative independency.

Grass-roots global movement

ALL4FREEDOM works on the principle of standing with people at the beginning of a movement to change. It is a platform/network of different 4FREEDOM projects for you and owned by you being part of the FREE People who value freedom enough to take collective action, totally dedicated to implementing freedom, human rights and BSUR on a worldwide basis.


Not our head-office in Amsterdam or the team of volunteers, but you and all the other IAM4FREEDOM Heroes continuously contribute and move the movement, making the mission self-supportive and a success in several ways. Among other things, you recruit new IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, join and empower 4FREEDOM projects, influence future policy and organize activities and actions, help link to partners, post personal content and/or work as a volunteer; and you do it, ALL4FREEDOM!

Umbrella Organization

The ALL4FREEDOM participation platform has a portal function to, and adds another dimension to, other (human rights) organizations by focusing on one core activity with IAM4FREEDOM. Namely, to reach you and urging you to participate/take action. Big difference between ALL4FREEDOM and other organizations is that ALL4FREEDOM does not do what is already done nicely by others (i.e. the monitoring of the human rights situation by Human Rights Watch & Freedom House or the lobbying towards the freeing of individuals by Amnesty International, etc.). Instead, via PARTNER4FREEDOM, ALL4FREEDOM unites and empowers such initiatives, raises awareness and builds networks around various different existing partners by working with them rather than competing with them. ALL4FREEDOM, being a neutral umbrella organization, makes this is possible, as it has the same freedom values and ideals and therefore it is the logical follow-up of third party work, which preceded ALL4FREEDOM and can now use ALL4FREEDOM's network and cohesion qualities.

No traditional NGO

Having said all this and having arrived at the last 'unique selling point', we are proud to say that ALL4FREEDOM is indeed unique and not just any traditional NGO that gives blankets and build water wells. ALL4FREEDOM stands 4FREEDOM and the right to be yourself and as an organization, she is truly herself and embodies what we all stand for. ALL4FREEDOM is not a normal cause but pursues a good cause, namely, FREEDOM4ALL!

Bridge builder Role

ALL4FREEDOM aims to unite and bridge between you, the FREE PEOPLE and the FREE PEOPLE REPRESENTATIVES. Therefore, ALL4FREEDOM is a campaigning community for, and of you and the people, that, thanks to this objective bridging role remains neutral bridging between othe NGO's, Companies and the people.


Our policy and campaign model is people-powered. Via internet polls, the projects and actions are directed by you and the other IAM4FREEDOM Heroes and the organization is democratically accountable for every step. The initiators have led the way, they asked the IAM4FREEDOM Heroes what is important and with this in mind they have proposed a path. Subsequently, the future can be outlined and realized completely 2.0. Because no considerable financial flows are involved and everything is transparent; there is no decision making directory board that has any substantial interest, ALL4FREEDOM can translate the IAM4FREEDOM Heroes' wishes one-to-one in focus or actions. Through a spectrum of surveys, serving as a sounding board and bottom-up brainstorming events, mission and strategy are crowd-sourced critically, continuously and collectively.

Promising and Unique

Just like we are all unique, so is ALL4FREEDOM special and the world's first massive people-powered freedom-issue movement. In a time where, for the first time in history, the technology (internet and social media) are just perfect, no other organization unites you with all involved parties and individuals in such a neutral and efficient way on important issues as freedom, human rights and BSUR.

Long-term global vision

Most organizations often focus on short-term/single-issue programs e.g. construction of roads, water wells, schools or the delivery of food or blankets. Of course, these are necessary for primary necessities and infrastructure. However, as all parties usually aim at their own fragmented smaller parts, important things on a larger and overall scale remain untouched. Therefore, ALL4FREEDOM chooses to focus on a long-term global vision and by uniting you, the existing organizations and individual mass, she can realize the desired freedom-filled future.

100% Financially Free

ALL4FREEDOM does not receive any subsidies from any government. Many fundraising organizations offer tax advantages for donations but indirectly, this can lead to imposing restrictions by governments. ALL4FREEDOM is the bridge between you, the people and the people's representatives and therefore does not ask for subsidies or donations. ALL4FREEDOM only accepts sponsoring in money via CROWDFUND4FREEDOM from companies with no strings attached. Our independence is also safeguarded because many different and diverse companies sponsor relatively small amounts. In addition, this financial buffer/reserve guarantees the campaigns continuity. This is why the organization is and will always stay 100% free and independent to do and say whatever is necessary in order to keep both you, the people, as well as their leaders, involved in the cause.


All projects are realized without money and through 100% sponsoring by companies through SPONSORING4FREEDOM (sponsoring in product, service and expertise) and/or via CROWDFUND4FREEDOM and SHOP4FREEDOM merchandise or DANCE4FREEDOM tickets and the input of volunteers, with the exception of the sponsored/crowdfunded expenses of minimal management team/overhead. They work full/part-time for the maximum of an average income as a maximum, which together with all other associated financial flows are fully documented in our financial reports. Therefore, ALL4FREEDOM is financially lean and mean, accountable and super-transparent.


All our actions are aimed at promoting and defending freedom, human rights and BSUR. You and our kind- and cool crew of IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, co-workers, sponsors, partners and political parties are all in it 4FREEDOM. So rather than, indirectly, working for an income or invoice, ego, career, exposure and for many other reasons you might come up with, at ALL4FREEDOM it's all freedom first and we ALL work 4FREEDOM!


Originally, ALL4FREEDOM is a Dutch initiative, founded and based in Amsterdam, which might not be a mere coincidence. For centuries, the country and city are famous for their freedom, tolerance, open-mindedness and positive progression. Amsterdam, as a city and a living example to those still stuck and skeptic, shall soon spread and swing its wings out to the awakening world of the first foreign followers ready to unfold their freedom-filled future, worldwide wealth and happiness. In addition, The Netherlands is the ideal try-out land for lancing new innovations and (television) concepts, housing, hosting services, Amsterdam Internet Hub, etc.
I.e. The International Court of Justice in The Hague and many NGO's flourish here due to its Dutch protective and lenient laws and protected pro-protest system.

ALL4FREEDOM is the prominent and promising people-powered platform, freedom-first community and the world’s leading, independent and international movement, moving, empowering and uniting unique, freedom-valuing, individuals, companies, clubs, media, projects, partnering organizations, world leaders and all, who, within their talent and time, connect, commit, campaign and contribute, actively, by demonstrating their dedication and devotion to defending and further-forwarding freedom, honouring human rights and respecting the right to be yourself and to be free, ALL 4FREEDOM!

Created4FREEDOM in Amsterdam
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Thanks for your visit and support!

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