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Below you find some interesting tips on how to make the most out of your IAM4FREEDOM Hero account and other campaigning options.



... you can easily simplify your access to our hero-only-areas?

Did you know.... you can easily simplify your access to our hero-only-areas and your log-in process by saving your login credentials in your web-browsers?

Select the 'Remember me' Tick-box on our own login page and then confirm to 'save your login' when your web-browser offers to do so via a pop-up window. You will jump in and out of your IAM4FREEDOM Hero account with ease and no further hassle. Note: for your own security, you should only do this on computers, phones, etc. that you own and trust. Never save any login credentials on shared devices such as airports, public libraries and schools, etc.

... you can support IAM4FREEDOM & keep your mailbox clean?

Did you know.... you can support IAM4FREEDOM & keep your mailbox clean?

Sick and tired of having your mailbox fill up with all sorts of spam and stuff you don't want? Well, we know the feeling but rest assured we do have the solution for you.
Go to the 'Mailings' Tab on the 'Edit Profile' of your IAM4FREEDOM Hero account, deselect all of the checkboxes and click on the orange 'Update' button below. Now you can continue to support ALL4FREEDOM without receiving our mailings.

And keep calm, as there is always the 'Delete' key. Just take a breath and think what some people went through to fight for freedom, the next time you delete our newsletter peacefully with just one keystroke or mouse-click. Thanks for your understanding ans support.
In addition, unsubscribe yourself from all other third-party newsletters where you might have set-up an account once.
... you can suggest a tip here for other users?

Did you know... you can suggest a tip here for other users?

Maybe you've discovered something worth sharing. Let us know and we might add your tip to the list so that other IAM4FREEDOM Heroes can us it to their advantage and to improve their experience and our mission. Thanks in advance for your feedback and contribution.

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