How to do your own PHOTO4FREEDOM?

You asked for it and we listened. What if our team never captured your fantastic freedom pose at some festival? No worries! You can now select and upload your very own PHOTO4FREEDOM to our freedom gallery.
  • 1. Download your own printable IAM4FREEDOM poster from below
    (choose color if you have a colour printer or black-and-white version if you don't)
  • 2. Print you poster carefully
  • 3. Get in the freedom mood think of something that makes you feel free 😊
  • 4. Take the Selfie or ask someone to take the picture of you
  • 6. Share your own PHOTO4FREEDOM via you social media for forwarding freedom
  • 7. Place your your own PHOTO4FREEDOM promotional poster behind your window or at places of interest in your neighbourhood
Thanks a thousand for printing, placing, posting and helping us reach out!


Like on other social media platforms, we now have our own groups. Please join our PHOTO4FREEDOM Group to communicate about shared interests with likeminded people or check/attend our events.


Did you have our team freeze your freedom moment? Great! You've found your way to this page/site and we've got you right here, where we want you to be. ;-) While you were posing, holding our 'IAM4FREEDOM' slate, you thought about what freedom meant to you and your mouth corners rose by the mere thought of freedom. We captured that marvelous moment forever and 4FREEDOM! Here you can find your personal PHOTO4FREEDOM or you can watch IAM4FREEDOM Heroes in our galleries. And while you do that, you can contribute to the cause. Simply sign-up or sign-in as an (existing) IAM4FREEDOM Hero. If you have done so, already, then click on the appearing picture of your event below. Make sure to share your PHOTO4FREEDOM on your social media networks and tag your friends 4FREEDOM, for more exposure!
Note: the newest Photo4Freedom albums are for IAM4FREEDOM Heroes only as the whole idea is to get you on board ;-)
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