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Hello fans of the Silent Zen Session opgietingen & MEDITATE4FREEDOM moments.
Upon your request, I have created this page so you can now all look up all dates whenever you need them.
Feel free to come and visit me on the following days:
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As you love to work on your inner freedom during Silent Zen session opgietingen, you are just one click away of showing that you also value outer freedom and the right to be yourself! Thanks for your support and hope to see you soon... Warm regards, saunamaster and ALL4FREEDOM initiator, Jeroen
Note: In contrast to the dates in my mailings, I will keep these dates up-to-date whenever changes occur.
This is practically the main purpose of this page as I do not wish SPAM/mail you guys more than once a month.
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To receive the monthly mailing (not more than once a month ;-)), simpy fill in you email and name below and receive all the info on session dates, shifts, projects, etc. 
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