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Throughout my youth, in retrospect, freedom is something I seem to have taken for granted. Living in Amsterdam, feeling free is as easy as driving your bike to work or wear purple hair - if you just don't care. I love how I can go get groceries barefooted or walk without a shirt, when it is warm and I don't feel like having to overdress to impress. Wearing a skirt or make-up, wigs or long hear or even nothing at all, as nudity is another form of freedom. Then there is the freedom of dancing to well-mixed house music. Without limitations of pre-practiced choreography or any rule whatsoever on how you should dance, moving to the music of dedicated DJ’s, is yet another freedom thingy for me.

It was not until I met many Tibetan refugees in the Himalayas, that I became fully aware of the importance of freedom. Unfortunately, freedom proves not at all universal.

As a meditational coach, with MEDITATE4FREEDOM, I practice compassion towards others and help them walk the path of inner freedom (free from fear, stress, anger and so forth).

Furthermore, I feel that outer freedom (human rights & the right to be yourself) can be achieved if we all become aware of freedom and ALL unite for the common cause. As the managing director of ALL4FREEDOM, I believe I have my work cut out for me and will try to live up to my task of inspiring individuals to come and co-create the community that I'll lead to realizing a respectful, 'live and let live' freedom-filled future. IAM4FREEDOM!
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