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Free To Be
My ART4FREEDOM is about a drawing done in a time of transition, reinvention. First an artist, then a wife, devoted mother and a daughter called to duty. Time spent nurturing and caring for so many and my voice lost along the way. This is a journey of so many women.
So freedom means to me, finding that voice again. Finding freedom to open up, be myself and do what I want to do. The freedom to get back to my passion, a special gift given to me, belonging to no one else. Tattoos of freedom wings and ink-drawings illustrating poetry, rock "n" roll and bohemian bliss, set me free, as does sharing this ART4FREEDOM here with you.
In the words of Stevie Nicks,
"You see your gypsy...her face says freedom"
so now I'm back...
to the gypsy that I was.
You know I gave my life to rock 'n' we go
Mama begged me please
Yes she got down on her knees
said, "You'll burn in that Mississippi sun."

Finally, I am free, "Free To Be". IAM4FREEDOM!




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