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For me, freedom is an important part of life. The freedom to choose a path in life you believe in, the freedom to be who you are, the freedom to do what you truly want all culminates into what I believe to be an ideal life. Living with regrets is one of the worst things an individual can do, so using what freedom you have to make sure you have none is truly important to me. IAM4FREEDOM!
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Altarnate's Freedom
My ART4FREEDOM is about dashing high in the sky and that freedom feeling.
When making it, I was in a bit of an artistic block and felt somewhat demotivated and not free. Having made loads of more dark-themed pieces, I now needed something different and decided to focus less on the composition of the piece but rather on what feeling I wanted to convey, the freedom of a bird simply soaring the sky without a care in the world.
I used a character I created as concept art for a game with that idea of him being freed, as within the lore of the game, he'd been oppressed and crippled by the enemy faction. After gaining a pair of prosthetic legs, he found freedom in simply being himself. I may have gone off on a tangent there but I do hope that this can explain my thoughts and feelings behind the piece. I guess that freedom and being yourself is different for everyone, whether it be legs - if one lack legs or flight if one is always earthbound or being able to dye your hair with your favourite fluorescent colour or simply being free to express yourself in and artwork such as this. IAM4FREEDOM!
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