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Freedom; to me, is expression. Of comfort, and love unchained and tempered. I find myself struggling with dysphoria, often feeling like a prisoner in my own skin and society, wishing I were prettier, stronger, and more accepted. I am in a constant battle to find comfort and acceptance with myself, knowing it will be a lifelong conflict. Much of my art reflects these desires and struggles to be free and myself. IAM4FREEDOM!
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Camina vs the Kreshnar
My ART4FREEDOM is about the continuous fight for freedom.
This art is an excerpt from a story about Cam, a Tolkien-esque elf warrior who was captured, along with her comrades, by a rivalling nation. The depiction is heavily influenced by the Ancient Roman concept of servitude; that prisoners of a conflict or war would be forced to serve to work off the expenses of that war. And so, this character became a gladiator to continue to fight for the people she cared about and earn back their stolen freedom. Here, she is seen fighting off two frightening monsters in the arena. The armour is based on that of the Murmillo gladiators, but without the helmet. The entire story is quite a bit more than that, here, I'll keep it short. One need not be in such a story or arena to fight for something as important as freedom. Nowadays, for example, I can share an artwork here to help reach out to people and do whatever else I am able to do for the same and common cause. IAM4FREEDOM!
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