Daniel Melendez Boelian
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Melendez Boelian
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Eyes of the Yin Yang
My ART4FREEDOM was drawn while I was deployed as a soldier in Iraq in 2008. I had a pencil case and some drawing supplies in one of my weapons cleaning kits. It represents how my experience of fighting for freedom resulted in personal growth that left me more mental freedom.
Before I joined the Army, I had some dramatically false preconceptions of what it would be like. The reality was such a shock to my perceptions that it made me question my views and understandings of everything else. This most importantly included my belief in a God and Christianity. Before joining, I thought that basic training was just going be that, basic army training, but it was actually more of a test of how much torture and disrespect I was willing to put up with to become a soldier. I endured, but I was very disappointed with the lack of actual quality training. This put me on a path of self-reexamination.
I drew this Yin Yang looking left and right, as a representation of how I reacted to potentially facing my imminent death on a daily basis and looking for deeper truths. I realized I was completely out of touch with this before I joined up and got my rude reality check. One time, while doing pre-maintenance checks on our track vehicle, I found a pocket copy of 'The Art of War' on the ground. I then realized that it had a lot of useful ideas, a clear way of communicating them and that it was based on Taoist traditions and Buddhism. I looked up the yin yang symbol and learned that it does not represent good and evil necessarily but balance. I went on to learn of the Tao Te Ching and Dalai Lama. My beliefs now fall more in line with Eastern philosophy and science. I’m glad that I fought for my freedom and the freedom of others and through the experience, consequently, gained much more mental freedom in return. I also appreciate that I live in a country where I still get to freely believe whatever I want without being persecuted for it. Let's hope it stays that way. IAM4FREEDOM
Graphic Artist 3D and 2D




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This website is great. I truly love value, and support the right to freedom and I'm glad to see that the message of freedom is being spread far and wide.
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