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Freedom in its most absolute form means freedom from everything for me. Freedom from desires, needs, fears, cravings, addictions, dreams and suffering. What I read about enlightenment is the closest to that, which I have found so far. Even that concept seems so subjective that there is no ultimate truth. Through the countless unity experiences I have had, where I was in a space of no-space, a space of no-thingness, I know this exists. It is at this point for me challenging to incorporate this in every day life.

And at the same time, with all this knowledge, I feel freer than I have ever done before in my life. Freedom becomes a lifestyle. It becomes a way of living. At this moment I don’t have a house, nor a car, nor children nor a job with an employer. And I live an abundant life full of crazy experiences, beautiful connections, healthy food and lots of travel. The latter is for me the beauty. I can wake up tomorrow and decide to jump on a plane to South-America. I can stay away for 6 months if I want. There is ‘nothing’ that ties me to where I am right now. I am free. IAM4FREEDOM!
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