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When we look at horizontal freedom, then think of bullying behaviour between the people and such situations where others deliberately limit/attack your freedom. Miserable moments where and when you experience being bullied at school, verbal and/or physical violence on the streets or the night scene, discrimination due to skin tone, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, hairdo, clothing, opinion, etc.
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Of course, 4FREEDOM projects are ideal to inspire IAM4FREEDOM Heroes here and have them help so-called horizontal local freedom on its way. People play an important part pairing with projects as DANCE4FREEDOM, KIDS4FREEDOM, PHOTO4FREEDOM, LGBTI+4FREEDOM, etc. From there on, we don't sit idle and collectively contribute to the cause and common ideal, as neither you or nobody, can be free until we are all free. We have noticed that we are not alone and therefore, we believe that this might just work, many heroes have had such a horizontal head start thus sending out that freedom vibe before you or which might have hailed you in and even more may freedom-valuing folk will follow from whatever actions you are about send and share. All aligned and focused, ALL4FREEDOM and FREEDOM4ALL!
 In order to offer a complete contribution to the cause, ALL4FREEDOM's strategy is therefore twofold and the 4FREEDOM projects are active on all fronts. Finding and foresting freedom from within and, en mass, forwarding freedom into the future and towards them totalitarian tormenting regimes, roughnecks and rascals. The global safeguarding of our freedom both at top-down (vertical) national governmental and global level, as well as locally among the general public (horizontal), is a crucial component of our future strategy and of mankind.
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