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Everyone is free to his or her vision of what freedom means! Your PHOTO4FREEDOM and freedom stories are the driving force behind ALL4FREEDOM's user-generated-content or should we say IAM4FREEDOM Hero-generated-content. There is an hero behind every story and a story behind every hero. Together they form the community's collection of freedom-related photos, visions and anecdotes. Here are our heroes opening up about what freedom means for them. Feel free to find your friends by using the search functionality and click on any of the images to go straight to their profile and read all full freedom stories. Enjoy the our IAM4FREEDOM Hero's hall of fame and freedom!
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Freedom for means being yourself, having the space to do what you like and grow. I believe that from such freedom, you can be meaningful to our world. We are all unique and have the potential to make a difference in our lives, this capacity fully flourishes when you are free. Freedom also means that there are equal opportunities for girls and boys, men and women. I think the world could do with more balance between the male and female energy and from the individual, create more connection. As a coach, I help women who have a negative self-image. If more girls could reach their full potential, this would benefit both males as well as females. Our time needs more genuine awareness. Thus, I contribute to a better world, as we do not only share tea but, above all, share attention and if you give something your attention, it will grow! IAM4FREEDOM!
Elske Kolkman
freedom for me is above all mental freedom, which means "freedom of (negative) thoughts and judgement"
Ryanne Lannoye
In lak'ech. IAM4FREEDOM!
Ruud van Tilburg
Freedom is the right to be who you are by heart and express yourself accordingly, without being judged by others”.
To me this is straightforward and goes without thinking. Sadly this is not the case for many others. So to help those struggling, I didn’t think twice about becoming an IAMFREEDOM Hero.

I’m convinced together we can make a difference and make this world more respectful and loving…because that’s what it’s all about. IAM4FREEDOM!
Robert Hofstra
I am Nancy Kooij and IAM4FREEDOM as freedom is space. I love to find the space in the Dutch dunes of Schoorl, running shoes on, climbing on top of the dunes and breathing. Being grateful for the freedom and health that is falls upon me and creating the necessary space for future opportunities. Right on top of the dune, I let go what is not mine and become aware of the fact that I can physically go in all direction and wherever I want, which results in my mind experiencing mental freedom as well.
Only when you let go, what no longer belongs to you, will you create space and freedom for yourself. IAM4FREEDOM!
Nancy Kooij
Vrijheid is je vrije wil in liefde omarmen en je pad vol avontuur, passie en in vreugde bewandelen.

Oordeelloos en onbevangen genieten van de natuur, de dieren, de sterren en alle mooie mensen om ons heen. IAM4FREEDOM!
Andre Middelkoop
I am Fenna and IAM4FREEDOM! Free, that's how I'm feeling when I'm enjoying party's and festivals, a place like freedom. You can do your own thing and everybody does. Take a drink, let the music make you move, smile and be yourself! But freedom for me is also sharing the best moments with the people you love. For example, going to party's, but it can be at home with your parents and sibling, so-called cosy or 'gezellig bij de openhaard', as we like to say in Dutch. So, don't waste your time, take action and enjoy your freedom while you can! IAM4FREEDOM!
Fenna Feenstra
It means that you can live where you want to live. Meet new people travelling around the world be my own boss and make music. I set up my own business nearly seven years ago love working for myself and making my customers happy. Sometimes we take freedom for granted and don't think of all the little things that we get to enjoy because we are free. When you stop and think about how different life would be without it, it makes you very thankful to live and enjoy freedom. IAM4FREEDOM!
Mark Kooijman
Freedom for me means to have the possibility to make my own choices. Freedom of choice is the way to decide how I want to live my life. This is very important to me, because making choices gives me the possibility to develop myself. In my own way.
So this year I made the choice to start-up my own company (Virtual Assistant Pauline – Online Sidekick for entrepreneurs). Because of this choice I have the freedom to do what I like most en what gives me the drive to work all night if I have to. I can arrange my business the way I want and make my own choice of assignments I want to take. I also have the freedom of flexible working arrangements. I love to work from home at the kitchen table, or at the coffee shop downtown. Because of this choice I also have more time to be there for my family. The picture was taken in California a couple of years ago. I love to travel and see the world. It makes me feel free! IAM4FREEDOM!
Pauline S
Bianca Van beusekom
When i think of freedom, i feel oneness
When i think of freedom, i feel unconditional love
When i think of freedom, i feel inspiration
When i think of freedom, i feel joy
When i think of freedom, i feel forgiveness
Freedom; the universe exist in me, as much as i exist in the universe
Freedom is i am that i am, i am free, therefore I'm grateful. IAM4FREEDOM!
Cindy Way
Freedom means that you can speak and move in freedom. That you be yourself. IAM4FREEDOM!
Hanneke den Rooijen

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