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Everyone is free to his or her vision of what freedom means! Your PHOTO4FREEDOM and freedom stories are the driving force behind ALL4FREEDOM's user-generated-content or should we say IAM4FREEDOM Hero-generated-content. There is an hero behind every story and a story behind every hero. Together they form the community's collection of freedom-related photos, visions and anecdotes. Here are our heroes opening up about what freedom means for them. Feel free to find your friends by using the search functionality and click on any of the images to go straight to their profile and read all full freedom stories. Enjoy the our IAM4FREEDOM Hero's hall of fame and freedom!
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Vrij en blij

Ik voel me vrij.
Met een lach om mijn mond
dans ik de wereld rond.
Ik leg verbanden
om niet te verzanden.
Zo voel ik mij
vrij. Vrij! Vrij!

Ik voel me blij.
Ik hou van fleur en kleur,
geen gezeur.
Ik hou van positief,
van ik heb je lief!
Blij! Blij! Blij!

Connie Harkema
Freedom means to me, to not worry about what other people think, and always search for happiness in a way that suits you and enjoy the small things in life. IAM4FREEDOM!
Catalina Calonso
Vrijheid is je eigen leven inrichten.
Grenzen zoeken en er overheen durven gaan.
Niks tegen je zin in doen.
Je mening kunnen uiten, zeggen wat je voelt.
Niemand veroordelen.
Kunnen accepteren en loslaten.
Onafhankelijk zijn van het systeem wat je word opgelegd..
Dat is vrijheid voor mij... IAM4FREEDOM!
Stefano Richetta
I am Ricardo and IAM4FREEDOM! Freedom for me is to be able to move anywhere in the world as the person who you are. To wish each other success in life, even when you don't know each other. To come closer to one another, by detour or in your dreams. The freedom, is in your own hands, make sure you are not easily fitted in a frame. Create with each other 1 huge shed of love and happiness, yes, that is freedom for me and my life cannot go wrong any more. IAM4FREEDOM!
Ricardo van de Sande
For me, freedom means a lot but living by this is also of importance. That I can feel free to choose and end something (either love- or work-related), if I wish to move on. I have made such choices quite often and it is what has made me much more wise and happy. It remains so sad if one if limited in freedom. I am proud to be Dutch and to be free to be who I want to be. My hope is that many others may eventually experience such similar freedom in this ever-saddening world. IAM4FREEDOM!
Wilma Roos
I am Gerard Willems and IAM4FREEDOM! I'm from Holland, a place where you can still speak freely about almost everything you want. Freedom for me is about that. I used to be shy and introvert. I knew what freedom mend, but now I know how it really feels. I play as a street musician in Alkmaar. I sing songs about love and peace. But also about my meaning/feelings what is happening in the world. The poor, the rich, the hunger and the wars. I'm so glad I can share my thoughts with people on the street. For me that's real freedom. Thanks, and lots of freedom to you Gerard. IAM4FREEDOM!
Gerard Willems
I am Björn and IAM4FREEDOM! For me, freedom is being aware and knowing why you pursue your path. Casting off past beliefs, blockades and conditioning that no longer serve you. In short, returning to your own essence, your own destiny. Trusting your heart and self-leadership rather than relying on and trailing other people's dreams. Follow your flow! That is what freedom means for me in a nutshell. IAM4FREEDOM!
Bjorn Esselink
For me, „free“ means: I leave myself out of the trouble, to constantly have to consider, where I say or show to whom. I do not care of my public image and define myself, which behaves for someone of my profession. I always give myself the way I feel.

Important: This is not a childish, pubertal form of authenticity, in which everything is just as pure as it is. Rather, it is a question of a connotation of congruence, of coherence between inside and outside. Truthfulness, liveliness and joy of life. It is about the eros of a wild life and about an adult being a place for play and irrationality. IAM4FREEDOM!
Harald Berenfaenger
I am Marjolein and IAM4FREEDOM! To me freedom means that you can live your own life. You make your own decisions and choices and no one can control your life for you. No one makes your decisions for you. Every moment and every single day. But it also means that you have to live with the consequences of the choices that you make, whether they are good or bad. Yes, I can live my own life and make my own choices. I can raise my kids the way I want to, and surround myself with people who I love. It means I can live where I want to and do the work I like to do. I do not have to ask anyone for permission to do these things. Because of all these freedoms, I'm grateful to live and be able to live my own life the way I want, as happy as I can. Sometimes we take freedom for granted and don't think of all the little things that we get to enjoy because we are free. When you stop and think about how different life would be without it, it makes you very thankful to live here and enjoy the promise of freedom. IAM4FREEDOM!
Marjolein Verbakel
I am Jeroen and IAM4FREEDOM! If I think of freedom, a natural feeling of unlimited thinking, saying and doing rises. I become aware that these great values, increasingly, come under further pressure because of what others think, say and do. Freedom works both ways. It is in balance when we have mutual respect and try to understand each other. IAM4FREEDOM!
Jeroen Snel
I am Eduard Regenboog and IAM4FREEDOM! Generally speaking, in our liberal little country, The Netherlands, we are very free to feel what we like to feel and to be whoever we like to be. Our individual choices are by constitutional laws more protected in this country then in any country in the world. That is our Freedom and our Pride! And even then, here, some free choices and ways of existence are under fire, sometimes caused by ignorance or stupidity and hatred of other people. We must stand for all our individual choices in life, whatever others think of them! And protecting these beautiful individual choices by law in every country in the world, must be our goal. And after that, at least, be tolerated by others and, at the best, be accepted by others, just out of love and respect of every individual human being and their uniqueness and diversity of their feelings and the way people feel! IAM4FREEDOM!
Eduard Regenboog
I am Anouk and IAM4FREEDOM!
Being able to let go, open yourself and be able to feel and develop yourself. Feel free to be who you are. Pure and sincere. Radiate energy. Be happy. IAM4FREEDOM!
Anouk de Groot

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