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Everyone is free to his or her vision of what freedom means! Your PHOTO4FREEDOM and freedom stories are the driving force behind ALL4FREEDOM's user-generated-content or should we say IAM4FREEDOM Hero-generated-content. There is an hero behind every story and a story behind every hero. Together they form the community's collection of freedom-related photos, visions and anecdotes. Here are our heroes opening up about what freedom means for them. Feel free to find your friends by using the search functionality and click on any of the images to go straight to their profile and read all full freedom stories. Enjoy the our IAM4FREEDOM Hero's hall of fame and freedom!
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To me freedom is the ability to negotiate with my demons. Or at least to entertain diplomatic relations with them.
People move, doors can be opened, walls can be climbed and the world is not that big after all. But whatever freedom I found outside has always been vain as long as I have been fighting my own demons. So now we try to compromise and get along. IAM4FREEDOM!
Jeanne Tuesday
Real freedom is freedom from anger, hatred, ill will, animosity....and as they all are generated by ego, so the freedom from Ego ;-) IAM4FREEDOM!
Poorna Nand
Freedom for me represents the possibility to be your self, to love who you want, to meet people and make friendships all over the world without any kind of borders. No colors, No religions, No sexual diversity...we are all Humans...my personal freedom picture shows me (to the left) before and (to the right) after my transition, talking about freedom and the right to be yourself! IAM4FREEDOM!
Simona Dissegna
For me freedom has everything to do with the energy I feel. I have lived a beautiful life, although with a lot of responsibilities and shoulds. Do you too recognize that your to-do-list grows and you have not enough time? Life isn't about facts and figures, but about fears and feelings.
I few years ago, I decided to live in harmony: what I think, feel, do and say are at one line. Easier said than done. But I feel less resistance and enjoy my life. Living effortless in abundance and being who I am, not what others expect me to be. It has been struggle, but I am finally free to live my life in harmony. Energy doesn't lie … IAM4FREEDOM!
Lucienne Ritzen
I am Joseph and IAM4FREEDOM! Freedom can mean so many things, it can be both a physical and mental state and some of us are more free than others, so it's hard to say what FREEDOM means to me. All I know is that I feel free when I know I can just be myself and enjoy the good things in life from the smallest to the biggest moments. I feel most free when I dance. IAM4FREEDOM!
Joseph Segaran
Freedom is created by listening, tolerance, closeness, curiosity and non- judgmental behavior. It requires a fairer distribution of wealth. Poverty creates slavery. Freedom of mind and speech is something we all have. No one can stop us to think and talk. Freedom of traveling where you want to go. Who to love. Here it gets already harder. Let us remember: Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood. These are connected. If we are not equal, then one will have more freedom then the other. And this gets worse in time… We want Brotherhood, but if we don’t feel freedom, don’t feel equal, we will hesitate to really connect. Afraid of the consequences. Freedom is free of fear. IAM4FREEDOM!
Fre Steen
Freedom for me is being able to express yourself, in your beliefs, sexuality, work, friendships in such a way you treat others as you like to be treated, all are equally respected. Do as you feel like creating a circle of loving people around you, based on empathy and understanding all expressing what's alive? IAM4FREEDOM!
Ilma la Bella
If you are reading this it means you live in a country where freedom is given for granted. Sometimes we forget that freedom is a precious right, be thankful and never forget it! IAM4FREEDOM!
Kaoter El Bouhmi
Freedom is not having to live according to the standard..
That it’s ok to step outside the lines. Or stay within if I want to.
Freedom is dressing up sexy when I feel like it. Without disapproving or dirty looks from others.
Freedom for me is the right to choose what I do, where, when and with whom and that others have that exact same right.
Freedom is being respected. And giving back even if it’s not necessarily my savoir vivre.
Freedom is living in a society free of religious dogma’s and imposed religious laws.
Freedom is stepping under a waterfall when you see one.
Joska Meijska
If people would stop comparing themselves to others, they would become more free and tolerant, wishing the same to others. As long as people that are free thinkers are not tolerated by others, we will need to defend freedom.

I tend to behave in line with my feelings and thoughts, regardless to the behavioural codes of others. This means freedom to me. Artists have these codes too. Codes may make me feel uncomfortable and therefore unfree but at the same time I am happy to be an autonomous outsider, if this occurs. I won't adapt and loose my freedom.
My close friends are Epicurists. In their company I feel free because they are also. I am a painter but they are artists too. They are life artists ?? IAM4FREEDOM!
Nathalie Mannaerts
Freedom is making my own choices, that I can do work that fits me and what my passion is, and that I can figure my own time out. That way I can take time for my clients who need help. I don’t have to send them away because our time is over. I think they deserve my time so they feel well again. It gives my energy to see them grow. I feel free because I have my own business nobody tells me what to do. Freedom is also the holiday with my family at the camping in Italy. Not looking at the clock, no tv, barely any Wi-Fi and eat when your body tells you you are hungry. Back to basic. IAM4FREEDOM!
Marjolein Castelijn
Finally, I am free! Free from feeling bad and naughty. Free from the feeling of not being good enough, important and always being the one to blame. For over 60 years, I have carried this burden, yes 60 years! And now it is over. I am free! Free from the opinions of others. I can be who I want to be, the one who doesn't fit the frame, who is left-handed, intuitive, spiritual, smart, handy, beautiful, nice and pleasant. Lovely! IAM4FREEDOM!
Margaretha van den Breemer

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