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Everyone is free to his or her vision of what freedom means! Your PHOTO4FREEDOM and freedom stories are the driving force behind ALL4FREEDOM's user-generated-content or should we say IAM4FREEDOM Hero-generated-content. There is an hero behind every story and a story behind every hero. Together they form the community's collection of freedom-related photos, visions and anecdotes. Here are our heroes opening up about what freedom means for them. Feel free to find your friends by using the search functionality and click on any of the images to go straight to their profile and read all full freedom stories. Enjoy the our IAM4FREEDOM Hero's hall of fame and freedom!
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IN essence we are all freedom experiencing life in physical form!
We are all creators, free to choose how we create our lives…
We can all choose to take flight in our own unique way…
One of my unique ways is; letting the essence of things free flow from my heart into words…

Fly free bird
We all are...
Free birds; flying!

Flying our own course,
choosing our own direction!
Some consciously...
Others re-act on what life brings them.

We all are...
Free birds; flying!

Finding our passion,
opens our cages!
Following our happy flow,
expands our abundance...

We all are...
Free birds; flying!

You too can fly freely!
Smile and head for the clouds...
As they are waiting;
to support you to heights you never imagined!!!

We all are...
Free birds; flying!

We can all choose to be the Eagle in our own life!
Embracing the majestic Being we are!
Owning our Greatness!
Rising to new Heights moment to moment…
Experiencing our limitless nature!
And continue to Soar joyously on our flight!

Lets all be…
Free birds; thriving!
Helena Witschge
Freedom means freedom of movement. Space in which you can move your thoughts and actions freely, as long as you respect other people and your environment. In freedom, there is room for dialogue and being open to other points of view than your own. For me, freedom is also wishing others freedom, space and happiness. IAM4FREEDOM!
Oene van Geel
My vision of freedom is to be yourself, Be – don’t try to become.
John Lauriola
Freedom is to be and to love who you are and to wish that for everyone else too on this planet ? with love peace & music. IAM4FREEDOM!
Audrey Clarke
Freedom for me means getting to live as authentically as you see fit, regardless of what standards society tries to impose on you. Walking through the world fearlessly and without reservations. IAM4FREEDOM!
Ashley Brown
FREEDOM is literally the best thing for me especially after i got falsely accused and locked up for two years in Italy. IAM4FREEDOM!

I also fight for the FREEDOM of others, help me FREE innocent children from forced child prostitution in India by donating some spare change or what you can miss to raise money to FREE these kids via Lockmeup.
Frank de Bruyn
Freedom is something that belongs to everyone, every creature on the planet deserves to be free, boundaries are superfluous, we need a world in which we need to live together in peace. I express my freedom through drawing. I find all the freedom in drawings to show what I want and share with the world as part of my freedom. It's a great move that I support ALL4FREEDOM and I have to call all people who want this planet and people make better. We are ALL4FREEDOM!
Dejan Stastni
For me, freedom is living without the restraints of dogma's, of fears forced upon us by society and our upbringing. Freedom is being your ultimate self. IAM4FREEDOM!
Eric Kalter
Feel free to search diligently for freedom as a counterpart to expectations, dependence, control, limits, oppression. Know, however, that true freedom is within you and no one else can even touch it. IAM4FREEDOM!
Francolini .
Freedom is for me the most valuable thing on earth and I will defend that freedom with my life - if needed. Freedom is the possibility to do the things in life and around the world without beleaguered or questions asked. Freedom is to be on a mountain with only your thoughts and your breathing and the sound of your heart and nothing else but silence around you for the rest.
Ed Bankras
Freedom for me means that I can look however I want to look, that I can eat when and what I eat. That I can model without listening to what the industry has to say. That nobody can influence me about my weight, size or appearance. Freedom is being yourself and loving yourself no matter what. I wish for young girls to see that images that the media are portraying are not real (people) and that they are beautiful as they are. IAM4FREEDOM! #selflove #bodypositivity #freedom @stephanieblommensteijn
Stephanie Blommensteijn
the world to me. I am free to choose who I love, to travel the world, to be a mom, to speak out loud, to share my thoughts, values and passions, to live my dreams. I live without fear, without being checked or controlled. This Freedom should be a human right for everybody, not only for me and a selected group of people.
Djamie Hillekens

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