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you can be your true self, whenever, wherever.
Freedom means having a choice! A choice to talk about what you want, marry who you want, love who you want, travel to where you want, believe in what you want, have a job that you are good at and makes you happy! This is freedom, choices!
Freedom for me means,  responsibility.
Freedom is something we take for granted but it is not.

As a managing director from Project Aware, I feel responsible for bringing the knowledge that the freedom, which we have (more or less in countries like in The Netherlands) is something we must cherish and should share with others; otherwise, it is a freedom, which we keep to ourselves.
Freedom is a temporary status and to safeguard it, we must fight for it. Freedom starts with yourself, as does awareness. Enjoy your freedom but don't forget that others don't have the same right.

Being able to understand others, can make us all free. We must work together, we need to communicate with each other to reach something and I think it is of great importance to preserve the freedom we now have. There are many aspects, such as, freedom of speech and internet that are far from being free.

2 freedom-related quotes that I have always liked are: ??"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." "Bob Dylan"
"In our struggle for freedom truth is the only weapon we possess." Dalai lama"

Not only as a manager but also as a singer-songwriter, performer and composer, I do feel it is my duty to share something more than a good-time performance, it is a meaningful moment for freedom of expression.
For me it means I can do what I want when I want to, without hindering others in their freedom. Physicly it means I can ride my MTB and be a master of the trails, feeling free in the forests and fields and being one with nature while enjoying my favourite sport. It also means I fly our nations flag on Liberation Day (5th of may) to commemorate all those who gave up their freedom and their very lives to Ensure my freedom and that of my offspring. However, my freedom ends where another man's unfreedom starts: it should never be allowed to hamper another being in it's freedom. Freedom means respect for boundaries as well ...
Throughout my youthly years, in retrospect, freedom is something I seem to have taken for granted. Living in Amsterdam, feeling free is as easy as driving your bike to work or wear purple hair - if you just don't care. I love how I can go get groceries barefooted or walk without a shirt, when it is warm and I don't feel like having to overdress to impress. Wearing a skirt or make-up, wigs or long hear or even nothing at all, as nudity is another form of freedom.

It was not until I met many Tibetan refugees in the Himalayas, that I became fully aware of the importance of freedom. Unfortunately, freedom and the right to be yourself, proof not at all universal.
As a meditational coach, and with MEDITATE4FREEDOM, I can practice compassion towards others and help them walk the path of inner freedom (free from fear, stress, anger and so forth) once laid out before me.

Furthermore, I feel that outer freedom (human rights and the right to be yourself) can be achieved if only we all become aware of the what freedom means for us and ALL unite for the common cause. As the managing director of ALL4FREEDOM/Project Aware, I believe I have my work cut out for me and will try to live up to my task of inspiring individuals to come and co-create the community that I'll lead to realizing a respectful, 'live and let live' freedom-filled future.

And then there is the freedom of dancing to well-mixed house music. Without the limitations of pre-practiced choreography or any rule whatsoever on how you should dance, moving to the mix of dedicated DJ’s, is yet another freedom thingy for me. Cannot wait for the next DANCE4FREEDOM!
To explore my creativity in any form without restrictions, that for me is freedom
To be your true self.

Sounds great!

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