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Unfortunately, it seems that even doctors, scientists and other medical professionals can no longer express themselves freely. Many of us out there, do not understand the complexity of the medical issues at hand, and we have to be able to rely on these professionals, as both experts and whistleblowers. They have the right to be heard and honestly explain their experiences, facts and results. Yet, so often do they remain silent or dare not go against protocols or the instructed information narrative. The once-so-open environment where the basics of all science were linked to thinking and speaking freely in open debate and dialogue, has now made place for censorship and oppression. Fear of reprimands, peer-pressure, public shaming, being put away as unprofessional or conspiracy theorists, loosing their position-, job- or license, and even being bullied, abused, fined or ending up in jail, depending in which country they operate, seems the new normal. 

In order to create a safe space for medical professionals to continue to do their work properly and to be able to share important information with the public, who has a right to know, we started this new project named DOCTORS4FREEDOM.



Like on other social media platforms, we now have our own groups. Please join our Join our DOCTORS4FREEDOM Group to communicate about shared interests with likeminded people or check/attend our events.
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