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We're ready to lead you into a freedom-filled future.
As a people-powered platform and an open and transparent organization, ALL4FREEDOM is not only ready and eager to answer all of your comments, complaints and questions but we warmly welcome any tips, suggestions or feedback and appreciate the time and effort you put into filling in the contact form, for us, for you and 4FREEDOM!

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Incoming e-mails and forms are forwarded to the relevant person once they have been registered. That means that you can expect us to reply within a week. Our voluntary team at ALL4FREEDOM is responsible for the content of this website and answering your questions and feedback and we do everything we can to answer quickly and correctly. However, as we all work on ALL4FREEDOM in our spare time, time is often limited and yet, we strive to present you and the world the very best of quality and speed.

Due to massive amounts of incoming email, ALL4FREEDOM is thrilled and thankful to receive; we will be the first to admit that we simply do not always have the time and resources to respond with long-winded wonderful words.Unfortunately, at times, we have to filter the feeds, delay our reply in order to look into the case or question, be rigorously brief, according to our ‘open, honest and direct’ policy and might not even be able to answer your mail (quickly), if you haven't included an clear question or other reason to reply.Nonetheless, we will always answer as quickly, candidly and as correctly as possible.Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience in case you should find yourself waiting for a reply to your post. Remember, waiting time is meditation time ;-)


...and ever since centuries' old start of the city of freedom and from our headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!


ALL4FREEDOM is the prominent and promising people-powered platform, freedom-first community and the world’s leading, independent and international movement, moving, empowering and uniting unique, freedom-valuing, individuals, companies, clubs, media, projects, partnering organizations, world leaders and all, who, within their talent and time, connect, commit, campaign and contribute, actively, by demonstrating their dedication and devotion to defending and further-forwarding freedom, honouring human rights and respecting the right to be yourself and to be free, ALL 4FREEDOM!

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