What do a print shop, a bakery, a photographer, a DJ, a lawyer and a web designer all have in common? ALL4FREEDOM! They all value freedom very much and, therefore, support and SPONSOR4FREEDOM. These are the heroes who own a company, are decision-making managers or freelancers offering their product, service or expertise 4FREEDOM instead of an invoice. Sponsoring in kind was never as easy as now. Contribute with your core business or if that doesn't work out for you or us, you can now also or additionally crowd fund your contribution to the cause. Both CROWDFUND4FREEDOM and SPONSOR4FREEDOM offers companies the opportunity to be socially responsible in a very easy and welcome way. As we do not accept/receive subsidiaries and are completely company-powered, without you, we would not be here…The future of freedom, the people, the world and ALL4FREEDOM needs you! Don't be late and don't hesitate…. and have your name immortalised in our hall of fame

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- Simply sign-up/sign-in as an IAM4FREEDOM Hero,
- Sponsor your core-business,
- Connect us to your company's decision-makers,
- Suggest a sponsor, who might consider cooperation,
- Provide us your company logo and story,
- Connect with other sponsors and our sponsor network,
- Join as a PHOTO4FREEDOM volunteer,
- Additionally, crowdfund our core team,


Precisely, because we focus on the human and not the money, our sponsors contribute 4FREEDOM rather than for an invoice. For example, free airplay, office space, print work, consultancy, etc. In return, ALL4FREEDOM places her sponsors in the spotlights.
Besides positive promotion and perfect PR, access to the SPONSOR4FREEDOM network, VIP treatment at our events, we place your company logo and story here in exchange your sponsoring. In addition, we will include your company in all our promotional activities and communication channels. Any other sponsor rewards are, of course, negotiable. Furthermore, the dissemination of the mission is at its best when your sponsorship with the promising, transparent and modern movement is visible through your company communication as well as ours.
Do you dare to take on the challenge with us to send out a positive and powerful sponsor signal 4FREEDOM?

About / How

SPONSOR4FREEDOM is the business-to-business project with a supportive staff functionality towards the marketing and communications department all ALL4FREEDOM sponsoring. Among other things, this 4FREEDOM project deals with the recruitment of new- and the maintenance of current sponsors in order to guarantee the necessary means ALL4FREEDOM needs to fulfil her freedom mission and activities.
Precisely, because we focus on the human and not the money, our sponsors contribute 4FREEDOM, rather than for an invoice. For example, free airplay, office space, print work, consultancy, etc are offered in return 4FREEDOM and for, sometimes, special centre-stage seats in the sponsor spotlights.
Besides positive and pleasant promotion and perfect PR, access to the SPONSOR4FREEDOM network, VIP treatment at our events, in exchange your sponsoring, enthusiastically, we expose your unique logo and story. In addition, we will include your company, wherever possible and positive, in all our promotional activities and communication channels. Any other optional sponsor rewards are, naturally, negotiable. Furthermore, the dissemination of the mutual mission is, of course, at its best when your sponsorship with the promising, transparent and modern movement is festively visible through your company communication as well as ours.
SPONSOR4FREEDOM is one of the successful projects during the, previously called Project Aware, period and has a long track record of early-believer and supportive sponsors, who sponsor, there wherever their organisation's 'overcapacity' would make a match pleasing and possible. SPONSOR4FREEDOM thus works closely with her partners, who thus meet their self-proclaimed corporate social responsibility standards. Sponsors care by contributing to the mission and, as a sympathetic and satisfying side-effect, enjoy the positive fame and freedom that ALL4FREEDOM spreads and shines across the sponsorship.
Check our other 4FREEDOM projects and IAM4FREEDOM!


SPONSOR4FREEDOM is in continuous interaction with (potential) sponsors, who often offer services that might, or may not be relevant at the time of introduction. Puzzling for the perfect match between means (both offer and demand), is a day-to-day task that decides our destiny. By all means and for all means, safeguarding the sponsor quality and quantity is the core-business to a freedom-filled future. So far, SPONSOR4FREEDOM mainly focuses on The Netherlands and especially around Amsterdam. In the near future, SPONSOR4FREEDOM will be rolled-out across Europe and the rest of the world. SPONSOR4FREEDOM was launched with the very start of sponsoring and the presentation of the promising plans of the previous Project Aware period at our release party and DANCE4FREEDOM try-out in 2004.
SPONSOR4FREEDOM's accessibility is universal, with the exception of those locations where, due to limitations, imposed by the NON FREE PEOPLE REPRESENTATIVES, access is denied and blocked for ALL4FREEDOM (sub-)sites and the safety of potential sponsors cannot be safeguarded.


You, the FREE PEOPLE, freelancers of the world, who value freedom. Followed by cooperating companies, who are willing to contribute to the cause and, naturally, your/their network of potential partnering organizations. Any in charge of company, or who has the freedom of decision-making, may contact us to see how we can create together. As a SPONSOR4FREEDOM and as no other, you realize that, the future should be freedom-filled with respect for human rights, the right to be yourself and FREEDOM4ALL.
Our team of varying and flexible volunteers, who love freedom and know how to network, feel good by adding value and freedom to the contacted companies and contracts thus resulting therefrom.


We wish to thank all those who have helped us build the organisation from a freedom idea to the very promising, Project Aware period. All of the companies below, and many more, have helped out, ALL4FREEDOM instead of an invoice. By offering their own corebusiness/talent in product, service or expertise, they supported the cause, completely without funds and money. Among others, we work(ed) with over 200 sponsors and counting during the Project Aware period and beyond.
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Nowadays, most companies somehow support sustainability, as part of the plan, people, planet, profit. Investing in the future of freedom, might not (yet) seem to return revenues as a direct rich-making reward. However, freedom is so often right at the very top of our-, or at least in our, top ten values. This is why you should not underestimate the effect that investing in freedom will have on boosting your brand, on forward-thinking, cause-contributing, critical clients and co-workers or the increasing competition. If you think/feel that this freedom formula can easily be left out of the social responsible equation, then you might want to reconsider cooperation and think what freedom means for you and all those you work with.
ALL4FREEDOM is fortunate to receive sponsored support from various corporations and companies. Our strong ties with our sponsors make the mission and movement progress and possible and in order to ensure continuity and reach our goals, ALL4FREEDOM is always looking ahead for new sponsors. Do you share the FREEDOM4ALL ideal and are you able to cooperate by adding ALL4FREEDOM to your sponsor policy and start a new and pretty powerful sponsor synergy? Then, invest in the future of freedom and check our current sponsor needs and/or explore the other priceless possibilities.


Are you now thinking of freedom and wondering about a pleasing, yet possibly potential and powerful, partnership. Ready to offer your own core-business/talent in product, service or expertise, to contribute the cause, completely without funds and money? Then, feel free to contact us. You tell us what you do and why. We love to hear about how you like to join and support, so that, together, we can see how we can turn your company's core-business and your enthusiasm into a wonderful win-win, matching the mission with your brand and its image improvement.


Don't see any direct link between ALL4FREEDOM and sponsoring your core-business in product, service or expertise but still wish to supply some support to the mutual mission and ideals? No problemo! Via CROWDFUND4FREEDOM, you can contribute and invest, directly, in a freedom-filled future instead of through non-financial leverage. On behalf of your company, you can now crowdfund a one-time amount to sponsor the cause's core team and continuity. Check/click CROWDFUND4FREEDOM!

Sounds great?

Then you certainly seem ready to start your journey 4FREEDOM! Just click the button below.
ALL4FREEDOM is the prominent and promising people-powered platform, freedom-first community and the world’s leading, independent and international movement, moving, empowering and uniting unique, freedom-valuing, individuals, companies, clubs, media, projects, partnering organizations, world leaders and all, who, within their talent and time, connect, commit, campaign and contribute, actively, by demonstrating their dedication and devotion to defending and further-forwarding freedom, honouring human rights and respecting the right to be yourself and to be free, ALL 4FREEDOM!
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