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We hope this FAQ will wipe away any question, you might have and help you on your way. Feel free to contact us, if you haven't found the answer you were looking for.

site does not show correctly on small phone screens

We have tried to make the site as responsive as possible to enable anyone to access any actions and information easily.
However, somewhere along the line, we really needed to set some sort of threshold limit in order for the site's design to still display decently on desktop - and larger screens.
This is why we have chosen the 480x320 landscape view as the lower limit. Anyone with a phone/screen size of 320x480 is advised to simply rotate the position, from portrait to landscape, to enable the viewing experience we intended.
Thanks for your understanding and support and enjoy your personal landscaped positioned platform 4FREEDOM.

Disabled account retrieval

If you disabled your account, there is only one way to get it back and that is to send a message,via the 'Contact' menu item, in the footer and ask for it back.
If you deleted your account, there is no way back and you must create a new Hero account, by clicking on 'Sign Up'.

Privacy Settings

Next to certain fields in the 'My Hero Activity' tabbed forms, you may see an orange button marked 'Public', 'Private' (or something else).
Clicking on this button can ensure that whatever you fill into this field can be seen by the public, can be set to private or can be set to be visible only to connections, specific connection types or even only connections of connections.
In this way you, as Hero, remain in control of what information, from these fields, is visible to others, when they view your profile.
In order to stay independent, ALL4FREEDOM does not accept CROWDFUNDING from governments or individuals. This is why the future of the organisation depends 100% company CROWDFUND4FREEDOM. Company CROWDFUND4FREEDOM is only accepted if there are no strings attached. In addition our independence is safeguarded due to the fact that many companies sponsor a relatively small CROWDFUND4FREEDOM contribution. Furthermore, projects aren't launched until the necessary hours, via the crowdfunded core team, and the recruited volunteers, interns and means, via sponsoring in product, service or expertise, are readily available. Finally, the financial buffer, which is reserved for the upcoming year, makes sure the organisation is safe, safeguarding her and her existence whenever CROWDFUND4FREEDOM is not insufficient.

Help Files



In this step-by-step tutorial / Help Page, we will explain you how to sign-up successfully as an IAM4FREEDOM Hero 4FREE and in less than 1 minute, if you're fast and use your superpowers. Hopefully, this manual will help to get you started by completing all of the 5 steps below and ready to contribute to the cause. If you still have any trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Go to http://www.iam4freedom.com and click on the big round/orange ‘JOIN IAM4FREEDOM’ at the top of the home screen to go to the registration/join page.
Screenshot homepage
If you already have an IAM4FREEDOM Hero account, click on the 'hero' icon in the top-right corner to open the header bar, log-in using your credentials and continue straight to 'Step 5'.
Screenshot log in


Fill in the fields on the registration page such as your email address, retype your email address (to avoid typo's), think of a strong and memorable password, retype your chosen password and click on the tick-box to the left of 'I'm not a robot' and press the orange 'Sign up' button below.
Screenshot registration page

sign up almost complete

Next, you are redirected to the 'sign up almost complete' page, which tells you to check your email inbox (and SPAM folder) to confirm and activate your free IAM4FREEDOM Hero account.
Screenshot sign up almost complete
On the email in your inbox, with the subject line 'ALL4FREEDOM - !!! Important: IAM4FREEDOM Hero Account Activation Required !!!', click on the link or copy and paste this link into your web browser to confirm and activate your free IAM4FREEDOM Hero account.
Screenshot email account activation required


You're almost there. To become an 'IAM4FREEDOM Hero', please visit the 'basics' tab and fill your first- and last name, select the country you live in from the drop-down menu, click on the tick-box to accept our Terms & Conditions and press the orange 'Update' button below.
Screenshot basics tab

you're a hero now!

You will have received an email confirmation with the subject line 'IAM4FREEDOM Hero Account Successfully Activated' and a link to invite a few of your friends to come join. Yes! You are now an IAM4FREEDOM Hero and part of the team and you're sent straight to your IAM4FREEDOM Hero profile. This is where you get involved and start your activity via the now-open 'Quickstart' tab or by clicking on any of the other tabs. Have fun exploring and keep up the good work!


If this manual hasn't helped and you are still have trouble or have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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