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Freedom, how free are we to all have our own opinion on freedom and what freedom means for us. Freedom could be sitting on your yacht with champagne or waking up next to a different one night stand every week. However, just to trim thing down to the domestic level of distinguishing and explaining what freedom variations, we identify at IAM4FREEDOM - ALL4FREEDOM - FREEDOM4ALL. When we speak of freedom, we mean freedom in its four-fold form: inner- and outer freedom, where we split the latter in national/vertical and local/horizontal freedom.
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Inner Freedom

 Inner freedom is often only disturbed by oneself and includes the experiencing of inner peace and being free of destructive emotions such as stress, fear, anger, hatred, craving, aversion, irritation, jealousy, guilt, loneliness, sadness, pain, etc. from which one can interact and improve outer freedom.
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Outer freedom

 This is where the big fish feed on the freedom of the weaker ones. Outer freedom is limited by laws, police, politicians and other people overpowering you. Outer freedom refers to freedom as in human rights, and the right to be yourself and can be split in local- and national freedom.  
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National freedom

 National freedom can be found in democratic countries where people rather than the politicians are in power to a large degree. The need for national freedom, is high under the pressure of totally top-down, dictatorial governments, where the responsible people's representatives do not use the army to protect but to oppress its people, thus disabling freedom.
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Local freedom

Local freedom is found in the respectful behaviour between tolerant people, who fully flourish in freedom and give space and freedom to others, from the knowledge that like them they to wish to be free. Lack at the level of local freedom is felt whenever others deliberately attack your freedom. For example, moments when you experience being bullied at school, verbal and/or physical violence on the streets or the night scene, discrimination based upon skin colour, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, hairdo, clothing, opinion, etc.
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Freedom varies form one person to another something. Therefore we have asked our IAM4FREEDOM Heroes what freedom means for them. For inspiration and/or help us by uploading your our freedom vision and photo, check out our Freedom wall!

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