Noel Strong
Recent college graduate and budding artist from a diverse family. I was born in Germany and moved to the United States as a kid. My dream is to use my artwork to inspire others and make people happy, whether it be through books, films, video games or other mediums.
United States
Advocating for equality is a moral imperative. I have had my share of negative experiences with ignorant and sometimes hateful individuals, and I look forward to the day when no innocent feels threatened or singled out for being different.
Freedom means feeling safe and welcome in your community and being extended the same opportunities as your peers. People should be able to work together, love and respect each other and advocate for fairness in all aspects of life. We are all humans, and are all deserving of leading happy lives. The injustices suffered by several groups of people, especially people of color, throughout history and continuously today need to be rectified if humanity hopes to thrive. Stop silencing POC. Our voices are valid and important.
very important
not so free
not so free
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Wings of Freedom
My ART4FREEDOM is inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and black oppression in the United States. The subject is a guardian angel for people of color. Her robe highlights the Pride Flag in rainbow colors and her hands are outstretched and free to represent unity between all members of the black community, straight or otherwise, in the struggle for equality. Her circlet is inspired by the Goddess of Victory Nike, signifying the victory to come for human rights, and her eyes are covered to represent the ignorance of those who stand against the cause. She cries golden tears for the injustices suffered in society, yet stands strong and tall, facing whatever may come. She is an avatar of suffering and endurance and a symbol for the fight for freedom.
Digital illustrator

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