Aybek Ahras
I'm a Dagestanian who tries to live and draw my ancestors. I always try to save my culture and wanna save it until forever. One day, I believe Gazavat will win in Caucasus mountain and all Caucasian members will be free. We will shout on our mountains as "FREEEDOM!"
Freedom is in my blood.
the meaning of life. If you lose your freedom, you're a slave. Live your culture until die and never be slave, be free until forever! IAM4FREEDOM!
the most important
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Imam Shamil - The Eagle of Caucasus
My ART4FREEDOM is about how many have fought for freedom and gave there lives for something so important throughout history. The Eagle of Caucasus, Imam Shamil was born in Dagestan/Untskul/Gimri Village. He’s an Avar (Ma’arulaw). When the Tsardom of Russia wanted to occupy all of the Caucasus. Shamil started to fight against them to not lose their freedom. They elected Shamil as Imam as their leader because he knew that the Russians had technology, cannons and new rifles and former guerilla tactics were not enough. He decided to create a country with the name “Imamat of Caucasus”. Some Caucasian tribes plotted together with the Russians and his first mission was to destroy all of them. He sent so many letters to Sultan of Ottoman Empire but he didn’t get any support by Ottomans. So he understood that, as many, they too stood alone in this freedom battle. He then created new cavalry and infantry unions from Caucasian people to expanded and protect the borders of Imamat. The Russians couldn’t stop him for 35 years but he was losing his power on his hand. Caucasian had low population and low technology. In the end, Russians conquered his last castle. Some women fought with their khanjar (Dagger), some women jumped off the cliff with their babies to not get captured. Caucasians fought for their freedom to the very last drop of their blood. It was a historic and heroic resistance, which shows us the importance of freedom. IAM4FREEDOM!

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