Stefan Beckhusen
I'm full-time artist at several levels.
My main job is Tattoo-Artist with own studio and secondary i'm stock video producer. My other personal expressions of art are fractal-art and 3D design. I love photography and nature.
More about this i'm a certified Fitness Trainer and offer Personal Training for individuals.
.... freedom is the main right for all people in the world.
... to be self-conscious and self-reliant, to decide what is right for me and my next ones, to go and to stay where i want to be! IAM4FREEDOM!
very important
quite free
quite free
Click here for inspiration and to see the wall, where your freedom photo and story shines.
Sleep well little planet Earth
My ART4FREEDOM is about how our freedom is now limited due to a virus and we are looking for someone to blame. Is it China, who want to dominate and control the world or America, or the WHO, who planted it with some sort of hidden agenda? Was it fabricated in a lab or did it jump from some bat to patient zero, who too remains shrouded in mystery? From heaven or hell? Tired of all the discussion as to where the Corona Virus came from? We don't even know where we are from or where we go when we die. So, maybe it's from outer space? All we know is, that it's here, now we have to manage it, if we ever want to be free again! IAM4FREEDOM!

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Created4FREEDOM in Amsterdam
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